Software is like dating!

The partner of choice for data & product engineering to drive business growth and deliver an impact inside and outside your organization

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Employer Branding Awards 2022
The Employer Branding Awards offer recognition to projects, campaigns and people who have supported the development of the employer brand within companies active on the local market.
29 September 2022
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5th Annual World Digital Banking Summit
This edition will focus on building future-oriented banking models by accelerating the pace of digital transformation and providing a customer-centered experience.
29-30 September 2022
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Software is like dating.

You meet many complicated partners until you finally find the one who listens, understands, and genuinely cares.

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About is a Romanian company that has become the meeting point for great attitude and technical expertise. Here, we have created a sustainable intrapreneurial environment where people can grow personally and professionally. Together we have built a great organizational culture: we focus on the value of our actions in a cozy and homey space, perfect for an out-of-the-box approach.

Every action we take is a step towards the vision of becoming the partner of choice for software product engineering and offering dedicated support teams for international companies. That is why we mind customers’ businesses through outstanding services. Also, we believe that long-term partnerships are based on mutual trust, communication, flexibility, and proven quality of services, and we act accordingly.
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EY Most Inspiring Woman of the Year Award

Irina Arsene wins EY "Inspiring Woman of the Year" award

Irina Arsene, Founder, wins the first-ever "Inspiring Woman of the Year" Award at the 2023 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Gala!

Irina Arsene: "I believe in our organization's future because we're building it together. All I have to do is to continue learning, inspire others, and support my team throughout our continuous growth process."

What we do

Enterprise Partner

Understanding business specifics is an essential aspect when developing solutions for large enterprises. We've learned and perfected it with every challenging project in which we had to plan, design, develop, test, deploy and maintain large enterprise software projects.
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Innovation Partner

Availability and technical expertise are qualities that define our business model. Our team of experts responds in real-time to anything from requests that need a quick fix and goes the extra mile to solve challenges and advanced issues.
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Dedicated Development Teams

One essential requirement for a team that works exclusively on your project is understanding your business. That's why we strive to be a reliable and caring partner that mixes excellent technical skills with thorough business know-how.
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Dedicated Support Teams

Dedicated software development teams focus entirely on their clients' projects and collaborate closely with developers and testers. These teams can help your organization expand its in-house software development capability or supplement its current teams with a particular experience.
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DevOps Professional Services

Migration to the Cloud is no easy task. We can help you with an overview of the process, from Planning towards implementation and optimization, with high regard to security. With the help of Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD), our DevOps help you improve your processes.
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Data Analytics Services

Our Data Analytics experts can cover the entire process of collecting, organizing, analyzing, and transforming any type of raw data and turning it into easily understandable and comprehensive information which will help you and your organization by increasing overall performance to meet your business goals.
Data Analytics is the place where information technology, statistics, and business come together, and we're here to build custom processes that will help you better collect, manage and interpret your data.
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Landmark projects

Once a year, we will assemble some of our most experienced engineers and analysts to deliver a Landmark project. Landmarks deliver exceptional customer value and can often be considered a world first in more than one aspect: Landmark projects help our customers explore new business models, reach new market segments, create powerful competitive advantages, or attain levels of process efficiency previously deemed impossible.
From our customers’ perspective, Landmark projects are typically triggered by one of three events:
1. a promising new business has been failing to reach its full potential,
2. a once growing business has reached saturation with margins under pressure,
3. a business is being disrupted by new competitors.

In such situations,  CEOs and shareholders are frequently considering disposing of the business, or alternatively, raising new funds to fuel growth. Whatever the scenario or intentions, success will depend on an ability to reach a turning point and explore new avenues toward sustainable growth. The first milestone of every Landmark project is a decision to make an investment aimed at digitally transforming an existing business or creating a new business. In order to reach that first milestone, every Landmark project will initiate with a concept phase which will be delivered jointly with our Swiss partner Based on sharp analysis, advanced methodologies, and decades of experience, imicon will deliver, together with our customers a clear and fact-based picture of the ambition , optional strategic approaches for reaching such ambition, a modular implementation program, and key financial metrics. To the extent possible, optional solution designs are made transparent using visual mock-ups, models, or scenarios.

Following green light, our engineers will start turning concepts into reality. First versions are often released within a 3 to 6 month timeframe. We call such projects Landmark because, in retrospect, successes could be achieved that truly qualify as Landmarks in the corporate histories of our customers.

TIBCO Partner for Modern Enterprise Integration Challenges is a proud partner of TIBCO, the #1 integration platform for large enterprises oriented towards digital transformation. Discover how completed a succesful legacy migration towards TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 and a microservices-based architecture for one of the largest banks in the region.


We have been working with to develop our mobile technologies demo portfolio, consisting of more than ten applications, both Android and iOS. In the few years that we have collaborated, the team has virtually become part of ours. They have been passionate, hardworking, and genuinely dedicated to delivering according to our very high standards. For us, has been way more than a supplier of services. They have been a partner.
Product Manager, Telecom
I had the opportunity to work with Mindit on several projects for more than 2 years. The people were innovative, creative, self-motivated and able to deliver and overcome any challenge that we faced. When signing up with Mindit you don’t only get a committed partner but also a real extension of your team.
Mindit fits perfectly with aggressive deadlines and high quality standards and they always provided added value. You can see real people with high technical acumen taking care of your applications.
Infrastructure Manager, Major Retail Company
Professionalism in approach, delivery focused with the ability to understand processes and flows, both functional and technical. A trustworthy partner for any company.
Head of Global Corporate Applications, Major Retail Enterprise
Excellent progress is being made under challenging conditions, and the team is dedicated, responsible, and committed to our goals. The roadmap for 2022 will be substantial and complex, but we are in a fantastic position to have more impact and bring value to the business sectors.
Russell Deaney, Global IT Corporate Applications Manager

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You'll also get access to 2023 predictions about the outsourcing and digital transformation landscape, based on data we gathered is a proud TIBCO partner. Read the story of a complex Integration Platform migration in the Banking Industry