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January 4, 2021
Aura Paraschiv

At mindit.io, we know that the single most important ingredient of our success is our people.

We are committed to the growth and development of our colleagues. Every member of our work family has a unique story about their path to mindit.io and how they’ve grown.

We recognize that each colleague is one of a kind, with different perspectives and experiences that influence and inform their ideas and opinions which are value by all of us.

These differences lead to innovation and better decisions which makes us successful.

Below are few words from our colleague Aura ParaschivKey Account Manager& Head Of Support @ mindit.io

Where did it all begin? What drew you most towards mindit.io?

It all began when I decided that I wanted a change, to learn new things and meet new people. So I decided to have a look on the market, to see which are my opportunities and this is how it all began.

What are your top three career milestones? If you had to pinpoint a defining moment along your journey in mindit.io, what would that be?

First defining moment for me was when I realized my leadership impact - how a person with poor performance can reach very good performance (with the proper guidance).

The second defining moment will be the one when I realized how important is to be in a place where people have unconditional trust in you, - trust that you will do your best, that you will keep your word and do what's needed to succeed. And guess what? That trust has helped me achieve everything I wanted/needed.

Another defining moment for me was when I realized that I am able to sell something :) I would have never imagined myself doing any activity that needs sales skills.

Where do you see yourself now, career-wise? What else do you wish to achieve?

Career-wise I feel that I am the right place, in the right moment. I am in a place where I can do what I love and people around me trust me unconditionally :)

How does your current role in mindit.io fit into your career goals?

One of the things I love the most in mindit.io is that a person doesn’t have only one role and we act different roles, depending on our skills.

In one day I can solve a ticket, test a fix, plan deliverables for next sprint or negotiate million euros contracts – as long as I am doing what brings me added value and I can make a difference, I am reaching my career goals.

What are the most rewarding and dearest moments lived in mindit.io? What about the biggest challenges?

The most rewarding moments for me are the ones when my work has an impact/ I am able to make a difference. And there are many such moments, I've learned in time to enjoy every small success - solving a small issue, helping someone get something that they want, organizing priorities, getting close to people and having meaningful connections, building a team and growing together.

Biggest challenges for me were the ones where I needed to work with difficult people. There were different people that challenged me in many ways, but with patience and perseverance I've managed to gain their trust.

What is the biggest life lesson you have learned in mindit.io, or during your career, in general? How do you apply it in your daily life?

Trust yourself and others.

In my daily life that means: hope for the best from the people around you. Sometimes you will be disappointed but most of the time it has an amazing effect :)

How do you challenge yourself?

By trying to reach my best version.

Lastly, if you were to describe mindit.io in one word or phrase, what would that be?

mindit.io is the place where you can meet and work with amazing people and where the only limits are the ones that you want:)

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