New Study Reveals Value Perception as Key Factor in Attracting Non-Shoppers to Travel Retail
April 14, 2023
Marius Coscodari

m1nd-set Research, a leading consumer insights company, has conducted a study on the preferences of non-shoppers in the travel retail industry. The study highlights that the perception of value is a crucial factor in enticing non-shoppers to make purchases in the travel retail environment.

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The travel retail industry, which includes duty-free shops in airports, cruise ships, and other travel hubs, has long been a popular destination for shoppers looking to take advantage of tax-free prices on a wide range of products, including luxury items such as fragrances, cosmetics, and electronics. However, not all travelers make purchases at travel retail outlets, and understanding the preferences of non-shoppers is essential for businesses in this industry.

According to the study conducted by m1nd-set Research, the perception of value is a key factor in attracting non-shoppers to make purchases at travel retail outlets. The study found that non-shoppers are more likely to be enticed by discounted prices, special promotions, and exclusive offers.  

In fact, 70% of non-shoppers surveyed stated that discounted prices would encourage them to make a purchase at a travel retail outlet, while 62% indicated that they would be motivated by special promotions and exclusive offers.

In addition to value perception, the study also identified other factors that could influence non-shoppers' purchase decisions in travel retail. The convenience of the shopping experience, product availability, and the ability to sample products were also found to be important factors.

Non-shoppers were more likely to make a purchase if the shopping experience was easy and convenient, if the products they were interested in were available, and if they were able to sample products before making a decision.

The study also revealed that non-shoppers tend to have specific preferences when it comes to product categories.

Fragrances and cosmetics were found to be the most appealing product categories for non-shoppers, with 51% indicating an interest in fragrances and 46% expressing an interest in cosmetics. Other popular product categories among non-shoppers included confectionery, spirits, and electronics.

Key Travel Retail Statistics

  • Regarding individuals who do not engage in shopping, the middle-aged demographic comprises the largest age group, accounting for 51% of the total, followed by millennials at 22%, seniors at 16%, and Gen Zs at 11%.
  • When it comes to travel class, economy travelers constitute the majority of non-shoppers at 70%, with premium economy and business travelers each comprising 13%, and first-class travelers making up 4%.
  • Similar to non-visitors, there is a higher proportion of male travelers compared to females among non-shoppers, with males making up more than two-thirds (68%) of the total.

The findings of this study by m1nd-set Research highlight the importance of understanding the preferences of non-shoppers in the travel retail industry. By focusing on value perception, convenience, product availability, and offering opportunities for sampling, travel retail businesses can better entice non-shoppers to make purchases.  

Discounted prices, special promotions, and exclusive offers can be particularly effective in attracting non-shoppers and converting them into customers. Additionally, paying attention to specific product categories that are appealing to non-shoppers, such as fragrances and cosmetics, can also lead to increased sales in the travel retail environment.

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