Overcoming Unscalable IT Systems in Retail: The mindit.io Approach
August 3, 2023
Vlad Teodorescu Bîrlă

Introductory Overview

Retail and travel retail businesses often face a significant challenge - updating and scaling their IT systems. These outdated systems are a common roadblock in retail digital transformation, preventing business growth and evolution. At mindit.io, we've established a successful approach that merges AI technology, professional consultancy, and cutting-edge software product engineering services, effectively bridging the gap between the old and new in the world of retail IT.

One shining example of our success lies in our recent partnership with a top-tier, publicly listed global travel retailer from Switzerland. This industry powerhouse, with 2200 shops across the globe, manages a vast network of 1000 suppliers and employs over 25,000 individuals. Their operations are expansive and complex, representing the quintessential challenges and potentials of the modern retail industry.

Harnessing AI to Revolutionize Retail

  • Developed tailored AI prototypes to tackle specific client concerns
  • Improved efficiency and enhanced customer interaction through AI implementation

Boosting Performance of Legacy Code

  • Audited and performance-tuned client's web-based Java application
  • Achieved a performance improvement of up to 200 times with a 100% success rate

Establishing Unified Digital Customer Identity

  • Implemented an identity layer on top of the OAuth protocol
  • Enabled clients to maintain a unified user profile across various applications

Leveraging Data through BI and Data Warehouse

  • Constructed a Master Data Warehouse to provide essential business intelligence
  • Enabled the management of continuous data flow between local operations and centralized data repositories

Data Integration for Streamlined Operations

  • Integrated 63 country-specific ERP installations
  • Provided a real-time overview of various business aspects, essential in travel retail management

Innovating Retail Sales Stimulation Solutions

  • Developed a Sales Incentive Program (SIP) and Shift Planning tools
  • Stimulated sales and optimized resource allocation across the client's 2200 shop network

Providing Support for Corporate Applications

  • Ensured smooth functioning of critical corporate applications
  • Handled monitoring, support, maintenance, and roll-out of new releases and patches

Retail Applications Development: Fueling Growth

  • Developed important retail applications, including Advertising and Promotions Management, Price Analysis and Price Policy Management, and Global Purchase Order Management tools

What Our Travel Retail Partners Say About Working With mindit.io

"Thanks to mindit.io’s efforts, the app deployment is successful. They have communicated deadlines and objectives frequently, ensuring an effective workflow. Their flexibility and proactivity are hallmarks of their work. They were collaborative and personable." Global IT Corporate Applications Manager Full review available on Clutch.
"The quality and the commitment of the team is really good. Thanks to mindit.io, the client can easily move information for articles through different systems. They are impressed by the team's quality of work and dedication. They regularly communicate through Microsoft Teams which makes their partnership run smoothly." Global IT Corp Apps Integration Architect - Full review available on Clutch.

Experience the mindit.io way of doing things

The successful partnership with our client exemplifies how we tackle IT challenges in the retail and travel retail sector using AI models and software product engineering. With mindit.io as your partner of choice, replacing outdated IT infrastructure with scalable, efficient, future-focused systems becomes a reality.

We speed up your business growth and success with custom software solutions and data-driven insights.​ ​

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