Project management - a beautifully challenging journey
June 30, 2020
Bianca Paraschiv

All around the world people are continuously, confidently learning for a better version of themselves and for a better tomorrow.

Interaction with a colleague, messages on a wall, social media posts, chat groups, motto – everyone and everything at inspires you to learn and to be engaged in your own growth, even when faced with challenges. Therefore, I decided to make the best of remote working in times of confinement by targeting PMP certification.

After 4 months, 280 hours of study and 978 pages of PMBOK Guide’s standards, guidelines and source of truth containing practices, tools and techniques – I am thrilled to gain said PMP certification!

More than learning about concepts and tools “designed to manage unique projects”, I have learned that individuals and interactions are beyond processes and tools. Research shows that top project managers spend about 90% of their time communicating and I could not agree more! It is about asking and listening, giving feedback constructively, accepting feedback graciously, sharing thoughts, fears and needs, learning one from another. It is about people and investing time in communication.

Way before meeting business requirements, before delivering products and services, we build around people united by the same culture and core values. We build a place where people can feel engaged and find their motivation.

We provide support one to another, we create great environment and we trust each other. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s quite difficult as we all are different individuals with different background, skills and personalities. It comes naturally, though, as we find ourselves on the same path, part of the same journey having an unique goal: learning, improving and excelling.

Successful teams embrace the growth mindset. When people believe they have the right context to learn new things they become more aware, capable and happy.

And then - learning never stops!

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