QA and Beyond
September 29, 2020
Madalina Loghin

Is more than testing, is about caring about each member of the team, about each feature everyone works so hard to deliver, about putting shine on each functionality implemented. Is about people and micro commit to each other, solve problems and ensure the work flows smoothly through entire team.

In my team, the encouragement of interaction between QA and Development helps to set aside misunderstanding and develop clarity is the key element. At the beginning of a Sprint, in the Agile Methodology, all the components and features that need to be developed and delivered are clear to all the sides by attending the Sprint Kickoff Meeting.

Contrary to the popular believes, being a QA Tester means more than finding and reporting defects, creating Test Cases and pointing out the major issues encountered. It represents being an active component in the development and design process of a feature or a component in a project.

One of the projects I am currently active on is a Web based application for an important Retail client using Manual Testing.  My day to day tasks includes:

-         establishing meetings regarding the Sprint planning and evolution and overall feedback.  

-         creating development and design tickets based on the Business documentation provided.

-         providing User Demo Presentation by highlighting to the Users the functionalities developed and the impact it has on the pre-existing ones.

-         being an active component in the Recruitment process by conducting QA Technical Interviews.

-         having a meeting in the middle of the Sprint to estimate the progress, the present blockers and the remaining tickets.

-         API Testing using Swagger and Postman to assure the quality of the new and previously developed Micro Services.

-         Data Quality Checks by verifying that the data brought in the Front-End is correct.

-         writing Test Plans by addressing the Business Requirements and focusing on the evident Test Cases as well as the tricky and unusual scenarios.

-         Support Hand-over Meetings, with the purpose of presenting the new functionalities from the latest Sprint.

-         having an active and dynamic relationship with the Support Team to resolve the Users issues and needs in the more rapid and suitable way.

Being my favorite Project, I take great interest in the quality and overall User Feedback. It is my pleasure to take extra responsibilities and step out of my comfort zone. This also helps keeping the humdrum away. I think an important task for a tester is to be connected to all the aspects of a project and actively participate in the entire process.

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