Supporting each other (forget about the seniority)
October 26, 2021
Ioan Anton

No one is being born a Senior. We need to remember that at some point, we all have been juniors.

I started my career in almost five years ago as a Junior. I still can remember the emotions, sometimes the fear of not disappointing and not being judged from the beginning, but all this faded away because I had next to me the right mentor to support me and help me grow. I didn't know then, but my process of learning how to help others already started from the first days.  Having by my side a senior who has had the patience to teach me everything I needed to know helped me realize later that this is what makes someone a good Senior: the ability to share and explain their knowledge to the less experienced one. This was a lesson learned for me and I'm constantly trying to share it with others.

During the years, in, I have had the opportunity to work with colleagues with all kinds of seniority: Juniors, Middles, Seniors, Architects. Some may say that working with seniors is difficult, but I might have been lucky because I have learned from their knowledge and experience.

We believe that we grow together and thus support each other. That's why we organize many internal workshops for our colleagues, but of course, we also have external workshops/events for people who want to develop professionally or personally.

Speaking of events, our colleague Bogdan Ghinet who is one of our Tibco developers will hold an awesome webinar on October 28th about Insights on TIBCO BusinessWorks 6

As technology advances, the financial industry is also changing at a fast pace.

Gaining or keeping a competitive edge in the current in a rapidly changing market requires new business initiatives supported by fast deployment of new technologies. Using Tibco BusinessWorks 6 as an integration solution we could easily use the out-of-the-box functionalities that implement the required service security concerns.  ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 6 meets all needs. Building on the attributes that made it the enterprise integration leader (improved ease of use, easy connectivity, and enterprise readiness), version 6 adds simplicity of design, developer ease, and open APIs)

If you want to know Tibco with all its strengths and weaknesses and see in a demo Tibco in action, then this webinar is for you.

Click here:

When it comes to mentoring our junior colleagues, I found that the most effective way to support them is to carefully listen to their concerns, encourage them and motivate them to go the extra mile by always challenging their capacity. Also, an excellent way to make them feel part of the process and of the project is to do pair programming. Pair programming is not "you code what I say". No, it's about having a conversation around the problem. To help juniors feel more comfortable, I try to do this in their own space and let them take over the keyboard. In this way, I noticed that they felt free, without pressure and concentrated on the process. Also, the best way to master something is to teach it, so having juniors around me and helping them helps me consolidate my knowledge.

I can say that in our company it is not so much about seniority, it's more about the people. Everyone helps each other and in this way we have created a community that works together as a whole, always supporting and learning from another.

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