Taking ESG initiatives to the next level through fast and efficient IT solutions
May 11, 2023
Oana Negoita

I recently had the pleasure of attending the CSR Growing Responsible - A world without Waste and Irresponsibility conference organized by IC Events, where I gained valuable insights from the panel guests on a variety of important topics related to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles and sustainability.  

The discussions were wide-ranging, covering everything from the urgent need for reconditioning our current economic model to the challenges of e-waste, sustainability in a digital world, and fighting food waste.  

One key takeaway that emerged from the conference was that "outside the box is the new as-is", emphasizing the importance of innovative thinking and creative solutions in driving sustainable growth, from Daniel Matei - Sustainability and ESG Manager Raiffeisen Bank Romania.   

Among the highlights of the conference, there were discussions on the need for everyone to take responsibility for their environmental impact, not only on a big scale, but the direct impact on the air they breathe, the water they drink, or the food they eat, through the actions they take, and the role of circular economy in reducing waste and promoting resource efficiency.  

The panel guests also stressed the importance of the future implementation of the deposit return system that will incentivize recycling in Romania, and they addressed the e-waste challenge, as well as finding ways to promote sustainability in a digital world - it all starts with every individual.  

Recycling is the last stage in a circular economy, therefore we must all learn how to produce less waste by repairing, taking care of what we have and spreading the message. Awareness is key in the beginning.  

Nothing new under the sun, as some would say, and now, we are more empowered to act, find better ways of doing this, measure, analyze and constantly improve.  

This is where IT solutions kick in to help take all ESG initiatives to the next level. I believe that technology, especially software development, plays an essential role in the way we prepare for a sustainable future.  

With faster, more efficient and safer IT solutions, ESG actions will be easier to implement at a local, regional, and global level.  

Overall, the conference provided an excellent forum for exploring the crucial role of ESG in driving sustainable growth and creating a better world for all.  

I am excited to continue exploring ways to incorporate these learnings into my work and contribute towards a more responsible and sustainable future through our Do Good initiatives we have at mindit.io.  

We aim at changing Romania for the better with Do Good actions that focus on environmental issues, education, and inclusivity.  

If you’re interested in learning more about mindit.io, Do Good, and our ESG initiatives, follow us on LinkedIn to stay tuned to our updates.  

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