The customer support position implies offering help to others.
December 7, 2021
Gabriel Enciu

People don't realize this position is a two-way street, and without knowing, you'll develop essential skills which can help you boost your career and improve your way of life.

Being a customer support representative, no matter the industry will help you improve your social and analytical skills.

I joined's support team only six months ago, and wholeheartedly I can say I fell in love with our culture since day one. allowed me to enter the IT industry with a background in accounting and customer support only; for this, I will be forever grateful.

Since I was little, I proved I had an affinity towards tech and IT, and here I can develop these skills hands-on.

Being new to the IT scene, I learned how to combine my customer support experience with my newly acquired programming skills.

I had to learn how to translate to an everyday user what the issue was and how we resolved it only from a couple of lines of code.

This is the main challenge we face every day in our team.

How do we explain to our client what went wrong, the root cause, and our actions to reach a solution?

I didn't have any technical experience before, and it was easy to put myself in their shoes. Using terms, they are familiar with and ensuring good communication between both parties are a must.

After every case, our resolution should answer three main questions: who, when, and how?

We need to be precise when we deliver the message and make sure we underlined the following:

- WHO will take further actions?

- WHEN will the action take place?

- HOW will it be implemented? is a place where everyone can evolve tremendously as an individual, thanks to the autonomous culture we are trying to promote.

It may be challenging at first, but it is more rewarding than being given all the steps to follow like a program we created.

You will learn your way around the database and the M&Ps a lot faster, as the information will imprint better onto you.

Becoming more independent in your day-to-day tasks will make you more efficient in your work.

Constantly you're dealing with time-sensitive tasks, and this way, you can take action on them instantly.

Keeping our SLA in target is something we're fond of but not obsessing over since efficiency is a common trait among employees.

Something I appreciate greatly at is how everyone is equal.

The title is just a combination of words on a paper, but the reality is that you can engage anyone for assistance and not feel like your opinion is not valuable.

This makes you feel appreciated and respected.

Being the main point of contact for one of the application support-related matters proved to be a challenge at first to me.

Usually, you're on a headset with the customer and help them resolve all issues they encountered and then jump to the next call or e-mail.

Here I learned how to build a report and a professional relationship with our client and have an open discussion about the things in need of my expertise.

This way, the business can thrive tenfold than a regular customer support job.

The client gets to know you and values your input.

Building trust is something most companies lack in the long run, but from my experience at; We genuinely care about our clients, and trust is a quality that we strongly believe in.

We care and MIND about our client's experience with the services we deliver.

Every call I had with our client made me impressed by how we realized this much in so little time.

The relationship with them is a well-oiled machine fueled by trust, and almost every week, our community grows with at least one new member.

This spirit of a community makes newcomers feel welcomed, which is proven by our new offices opening all over the country.

We value anyone's feedback, and we make sure we have the time to thank and spotlight the people who helped us.

We mind each other, and all companies will one day follow our lead.

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