2022 Data Science International Summer School, through a participant's lens
August 11, 2022
Catalin Baboi

Data Science International Summer School is an offline event organized by ASE (University of Economic Studies) and Bucharest Business School, aiming to teach its participants the fundamentals of data science: data analytics and statistics, machine learning, causal inference, Time series, graphs, text processing, data visualization, and data pipelines.

The summer school is addressed to anyone who wants to learn more in this field, aiming for student participants as well as teachers or researchers in related areas.

Although some knowledge of statistics, probability, and Python programming is required, the training takes students from scratch in these areas. But they touch on many complex topics and tools by the end of summer school.

The program combines lecture-style talks introducing various data science paradigms and methods, hands-on sessions, and projects.

I had the opportunity to attend as mindit.io's representative at this year's edition. For now, this is not necessarily my area of expertise; it was an excellent opportunity to broaden my horizons and to connect the knowledge I learned here with my daily tasks.

The event was held at the ASE training center in Predeal. It was organized as a different kind of work and learning space, where learning and outside activities can be linked and performed one after another, together with all participants.

The lectures covered most of the day, and the atmosphere was very relaxed between participants and trainers, working together with the same goal: to grow and share knowledge.

One aspect of the event that I really enjoyed was the intercultural aspect, with many international trainers and participants.

The lecturers were mainly foreign or Romanian researchers and professors at top international institutions, with excellent knowledge and clarity on the subject.

They were also very friendly and open to any type of discussions, both during and outside the training. This was most evident on the day we climbed the Piatra Mare summit, where the activity became challenging for everyone.

Overall, it was a very good mix between a holiday and a summer school, as the name suggests, and I sure learned a lot. I would even say that it was one of the few vacations after which I returned with a lot of enthusiasm to get back to work.

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