February 23, 2022

The largest event ever held in the Middle East, #DubaiExpo, is our destination for next week! Expo Dubai is a groundbreaking event that brings together over 200 participants from around the world, including countries, innovators, businesses, non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs, universities, and creatives.  

Meet our team (represented this year by Alexandru Puiu - Technical Director and Roxana Staneiu  – Key Account Manager) at Dubai Expo. As networking is the key, we are excited to exchange ideas about the digital world and how it will evolve in the next years.  

As a part of Romania’s official delegation (being an ATIC member, mindit represents national capabilities from a tech perspective since 2015). We are pleased to have a local and worldwide presence at IT trade shows, as well as active participation in Romanian professional organizations.  

About Dubai Expo

Dubai Expo presents an opportunity for all of us to create a meaningful legacy that will span generations and echo around the world. It’s an event filled with surprises, innovations, and awe-inspiring sights. Ever since the first event in 1851, World Expos have connected people, enriched lives, and accelerated human progress. By bringing together nations for the common goals of supporting education, innovation, and collaboration, Expos presents unique opportunities for fostering dialogue and charting new courses for advancement.

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Irina Arsene wins EY "Inspiring Woman of the Year" award

Irina Arsene, Founder, wins the first-ever "Inspiring Woman of the Year" Award at the 2023 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Gala!

Irina Arsene: "I believe in our organization's future because we're building it together. All I have to do is to continue learning, inspire others, and support my team throughout our continuous growth process."