How to secure the future of your data driven business
June 15, 2020
Maria Ionescu

Ever wondered what BI is bringing to a business and how much it has evolved in the past years?

The upcoming live webinar held by is a great opportunity for business executives explore their options in the trending context of making data work for their business purposes. It is a journey through how data evolved designed for both technical and non-technical executives and a glance on the business intelligence expertise in Mindit.

In, we strongly believe that business decisions and intuition must be backed up by numbers and facts, leading to a culture of educated intuition and data driven. Not only did we apply internally data insights for strategic decision making from the very start of the business, but we also supported our business partners bring their systems and data warehouses work on behalf of their businesses. We are happy to have implemented such various use cases – from forecasts to plan the number of employees needed in physical shops to predictions for prices, covering the whole value chain.

Get to know the speakers

Meet Alex, a rising star with exponential growth and impressive versatility. He brings passion and enthusiasm in anything he sets his mind on. Don’t miss this data architect who seems to have data insights at his fingerprint. What drives his actions: "There's no such thing as I don't know, only I don't know yet"

Meet Theo, a zen data master – it’s always an inspiration to listen to his valuable words of wisdom. Mentor, coach and data manager nurtures talent around him and naturally combines technical expertise with excellent business understanding, talent developed in the various types of roles he took among his career. Following the motto “It's never too late to reinvent yourself”, transitioned from product manager to software developer and software architecture, with a focus on Data and Web solutions.

Register today @ save yourself a virtual seat to Alex and Theo’s data journey.

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