How to secure the future of your data-driven business
June 23, 2020
Maria Ionescu

For those who missed the live webinar held by Alex Puiu and Theo Dimache, it is now available bellow.


The webinar was intended to business executives who are evaluating their options to make data work for their business purposes. It is a journey through how data evolved designed for both technical and non-technical executives and a glance on the business intelligence expertise in

Throughout the presentation, the panelists approached the following topics:

·        Data: Now And The Future

·        Why Use The Data

·        Business Intelligence in Retail Industry – case study

·        Technologies used in BI

·        Business Intelligence in Gaming Industry – case study

·        Business Artificial Intelligence

·        Building the future

Data: Now And The Future

Although there are many technologies and applications producing a wide range of collectable data, there is not that much data analyzed or collected. This is corelated with the reality that although many executives aspire to a data-driven culture, only a few reach success.  In addition to this, digital transformation cannot be made just by high investments in technology, they need to be built with a data culture which most often come with a change management strategy.

A storytelling perspective is brought and the success of a data driven culture is strongly linked to finding the sweet spot between data quality, visuals and narratives. For more details check the video.

Why Use The Data

The importance of data turned into valuable information for the company through data analysis covers the whole supply chain:

-         Brings competitive advantage

-         Productivity

-         People engagement

-         Business development

You can better make use of your resources, align your supplier’s with your customer’s needs and get your forecasts accurate. See how in the video.

Business Intelligence in Retail Industry

Check out the video for a great comparison between the widely used Excel and self-service BI tools, including a demonstration on how interactive the tools are with a Power BI demo. Excel has its importance and it can offer a good perspective of the business. However, due to manual work involved and lack of effective collaborative resources at large scale it needs to be enhanced with a more handy tool to unleash employees and allow them to focus on the business not on how to get information to do so.

Business Artificial Intelligence

BI and AI come together to complement and enhance each other’s capabilities in taking actions and improve. Without AI, BI brings on the table a more stable picture of what the data brings along in the decisions making, but one must rely on its gut and risk disregarding some aspects. AI complements BI with a lot of other factors, from seasonality, weather impact, restrictions to social data and not only.

Business Intelligence in Gaming Industry

Check out the video to see a case study on how data is used in the gaming industry and what and most importantly why it is important to measure some aspects in this industry.

Building the Future

When leading data-driven decision making in an enterprise,the most important key element is building a data-driven culture. This can be attained in a circular-step, evolving manner, starting with Define objectives,gather data, Analyze and understand, Find unresolved questions, Find the data needed to solve these questions, revisit and re-evaluate, present the data, set measurable goals, continue to evolve, guard against biases, start from the beginning with a new objective. More details on this and on the roles and responsibilities of a BI team in the second part of the video.

When deciding to implement a BI culture, you can also evaluate the progress based on the six-stage Maturity model presented by TDWI (The Datawarehouse Institute), revealing the trajectory that most organizations follow, including two sweet spots: the gulf and the chasm that need special attention from executives in order to cross them and lead their organization to success.

About the panelists

Alex Puiu is a rising star with exponential growth and impressive versatility. He brings passion and enthusiasm in anything he sets his mind on. This very young data architect seems to have data insights at his fingerprint, including near Real Time dashboards exposing +8TB data to 1000+decision makers worldwide. What drives his actions: "There's no such thing as I don't know, only I don't know yet"

Theo is a zen data master – it’s always an inspiration to listen to his valuable words of wisdom. Mentor, coach and data manager nurtures talent around him and naturally combines technical expertise with excellent business understanding, talent developed in the various types of roles he took among his career. Following the motto “ It's never too late to reinvent yourself”, transitioned from product manager to software developer and software architecture, with a focus on Data and Web solutions.

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