Kubernetes cluster backup & restore using velero-restic
April 26, 2020
Cristi Vlad

We think all of you remember the recent Suez jam by Ever Given, right? For those who do not know, that is a container ship carrying almost 20k containers. Imagine if this ship would have been stuck for one month or it would have overturned. It was a disaster, right?

Now, making the analogy to Kubernetes, if we see the ship as Kubernetes platform, containers as Kubernetes pods, and things from containers as volumes attached to pods, we might think that a disaster can also happen in our scenario too.

Disaster happens, whether it is software, ships, or anything else around us and we need to be prepared to handle this type of disaster.

Therefore, we invite you all to check our last webinar and learn some tips and tricks about Kubernetes software disaster and recovery.

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