mindit.io had a blast at Noaptea Companiilor 2022 in Cluj-Napoca. We hope you had just as much fun as we did!
October 14, 2022
Estera Fodorean

mindit.io Cluj opened its doors on October 13, 2022, as part of the Noaptea Companiilor event which gathered thousands of people and tens of companies from all over Cluj-Napoca.

We’re so happy to have been a part of this extraordinary event which allowed us to show other people how we do things here at mindit.io. We showed them around, shared stories about our people and culture, and introduced them to a little bit of what we do, the projects we work on, and the latest technologies we use in our day-to-day work.

I had a quality time with cool young people who are very interested in the technical area as well as in other areas. Bogdan Ghinet, mindit.io Cluj General Manager, and Bogdan Troanca, recent Technical Director for 1 week winner, gave super cool presentations about a part of the projects in which we are involved, presentations where, trust me, the eyes were the size of onions, the ears very sharp and the expressions on the faces of the participants priceless. Some of them were also interested in the less technical side, which is why I revealed to them a little behind the scenes of the People & Culture area, the cool projects we have, and the principles behind them.

Although we didn't get all the registered participants, the people who came were very curious and asked us questions about mindit.io, and we received only positive feedback about our organizational culture, our way of doing things, and the mentality that guides us in being authentic and the partner of choice for our people, our customers, and our community.

They appreciated that our focus is on we put people first and we strive to support them practically through the benefits we offer, the programs we have or are building, and the mindset to develop partnerships with our customers and relationships within our community.

Another aspect that brightened both my day and my experience(from yesterday and from mindit.io, in general) was the attitude of the colleagues from Cluj who were present, in addition to the two Bogdans, without whom we could not have had such a high-quality program and consistent inessential information: the colleagues who participated yesterday were more than open and understanding with every aspect, sociable with the participants, there were people who had a schedule after work but who went back to the office to hang out with our guests until the end, which says a lot about how valuable each of them is. I hope I can repay their gesture and all their involvement!

Two people told me that out of the entire list of companies participating in the event, only mindit.io and one other company seemed interesting to them, which is pretty nice to hear.

One person told me that she will write to the recruiting team even if we don't currently have an open position that matches her expertise, just to be considered when we do have a position because she really wants to have the mindit.io experience.

Bob Rădulescu (also called Haurentiu) asked where he could submit his CV because he was pleasantly surprised by what I told him about us.

All this positive feedback leaves encourages us to build even more wonderful things and to open our doors more often to anyone who wants to meet us.

In the end, what I can say about yesterday's experience is that it was yet another proof that mindit.io is exactly what it says it is: a kind community that attracts through quality and professionalism, both internally and externally.

“First of all, I would like to thank Estera Fodorean for her dedication and involvement. We would not have managed to organize the event without you! I thank Bogdan Troanca both for the technical demo and for his involvement in socializing with the participants.

It was the first experience of this kind for us and we were impatient and delighted to receive guests. I understood that they were also pleased to meet us.

Personally, I was very pleasantly impressed by the surprise of the actor Bogdan Bob Radulescu who visited us and who liked the atmosphere in our house so much that he said he would stop by our house again.

As we started, I am very confident that we will become better and better and we will become better known through the values we promote,” added Bogdan Ghinet, General Manager @mindit.io Cluj.

We’re looking forward to next year’s edition and if you’re interested in joining our team, don’t shy away from visiting our CAREERS page, or simply drop us a line, right here.

We can’t wait to meet you! We’re mindit.io! We mind each other. We grow together!

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