mindit.io will be a part of the HackITall 2022 hackathon organized together with LSAC!
November 28, 2022
Vlad Teodorescu Birla

Together with our partners from LSAC (The League of Students from the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science Bucharest), we will be part of the HackITall 2022 hackathon, which is one of the biggest tech events for students passionate about the IT&C sector in Romania.

This year's winter edition will take place between December 10-11, at the UPB Campus in Bucharest.

60 students grouped in 20 teams will battle it out and develop projects for mindit.io for 24 hours straight! 

The projects will be built having in mind the theme of Experiential Shopping, and mentors from our side will guide participants all through the event. 

HackITall is an engaging, large-scale hackathon, one of the successful events organized by LSAC, whose audience targets students from technical faculties, passionate about the IT&C field.

The event aims to support participants in developing both personally, but especially professionally, by improving skills previously acquired through studying.  

In a friendly but demanding environment, this hackathon cultivates teamwork under pressure of an imposed deadline – 24 hours!

We promise to make it a fun and spectacular event, where talented students will have the chance to make their ideas come to life in the fastest and most efficient way possible! 

HackITall creates a very close link between participants and partnering organizations, and we want to offer students a shot at kickstarting their IT careers through future courses, events, internships, and roles as part of our team.

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