mindit.io wins the Best Benefits Strategy Award at the 2022 Employer Branding Awards!
September 30, 2022
Vlad Teodorescu Birla

We're so happy to announce that our minditNomad benefit won the Best Benefits Strategy Awards at this year's edition of the Employer Branding Awards!

minditNomad offers our people the chance to work from anywhere in the world, or from any of our minditNomad homes located throughout Romania, in Comarnic, Constanta, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Sibiu, and Bucharest.

Our people can work from any of these wonderful locations, together with their team, as all the minditNomad homes are fully equipped with everything you need to set up a workspace. But minditNomad is not just about having the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime. It's about the people.

Anyone from mindit.io can book minditNomad homes to go on vacation with their friends and family, and have a nice time, enjoying a new scenery.

"If I’d have to choose one award to be proud of, this would be the one. Because it is about the people." Irina Arsene, mindit.io Founder

"minditNomad is about all of you. Discovering, exploring and working from anywhere is in our DNA and we are all embracing it. To many more nomad places!" Roxana-Maria Staneiu, our CPO.

"It was an amazing feeling - in a big room full of people, to see mindit on the screen and to hear it perfectly pronounced!" Lucia Stoicescu, our CEO.

"Indeed, it was a great feeling to have part of mindit.io, part of what represents us, to be appreciated and recognized. Happy to be together in this journey, as part of a kind community shaping not only the global IT world, but also the world around us." Bianca Paraschiv, PMP.

"To win the Best Benefits Strategy award means so much to us, especially through the recognition of minditNomad, one of the key elements facilitating mindit.io culture. mindit.io you rock!" Maria Ionescu, our CFO.

If you're interested in exploring more of what mindit.io has to offer, drop us a line anytime, or visit our CAREERS page to apply for one of our open positions!

We put people first! We mind each other. We grow together.

The Employer Branding Awards offer recognition to projects, campaigns, and people who have supported the development of the employer brand within companies operating in the local market.

The most important companies meet in a special gala to crown the most creative and involved professionals in human resources and employer branding communication in Romania.

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