Tech ladies and their stories
February 23, 2021
Andreea Numweiler

We grew up listening to stories - from bedtime stories, grandma’s tales, the youth adventures of our mothers to inspiring talks held by teachers, mentors and numerous TED speakers.

They guided us, taught us and made us feel seen and safe. We were not alone anymore. We were part of a community, connected to one another through that invisible but incredibly strong link.

I’m sure each one of use has those stories we get back to every time we need to ground ourselves, to vent or when we’re experiencing a rather intense burnout.

In honor to those stories, in honor to those inspiring, amazing women we would like to contribute to the universal warehouse of stories with ours too. Join us this March 8th and discover 9 women thriving in the tech world, whilst also balancing coding, leadership and motherhood.

A bit more about our line-up:

•  Anamaria Bumbar is a true believer in offering people the freedom to grow in order to see them shine their true light, and always with an eye on operational dynamics. Most of who she is today is the result of her interactions and experiences she was lucky to live with her friends and colleagues. She strongly believes we can change the world together.

•  With a heart made of art, brain made of science and a lot of empathy for the soul, Maria Tudor loves crafting her own special role no matter the context. With an eye on how The Cognitive Revolution changed history’s path for the better, we will look at what role social skills ended up playing in today’s society.

•  Ioana Miron’s NASCAR drive, endless curiosity and great coffee have helped her, in equal proportion, to craft a role that combines business analysis with leadership and knowledge sharing. Let her take us through her story about difficulties in making yourself visible as a tech lady.

•  A seeker of knowledge, purveyor of perseverance, aggressive problems solver and always dedicated to making a difference, Aura Paraschiv will share with us some insights about grit, confidence, and courage in a men's world. She thinks that “The great thing about creating and driving toward your vision by taking risks is that you can look back and be insanely proud”.

•  A professional software developer by day and an enthusiastic video games player by night, Gabriela Stefan’s motivation for coding came from a wish to learn how to make video games. Opportunity, luck, and perseverance made her passions marketable and now she works in an environment where she feels she can be herself and grow at her own pace. She will teach us from her experience how to “code” our journey as tech ladies.

•  Catalina Peltecu always believed that a knowledgeable team makes everyone stronger and keeps the stakeholders happy. Former a finance girl, now a BI Developer - Catalina feels she was lucky enough to get the chance of working with incredible people within this field. One of her main beliefs is to always give more than you expect from others and help people to grow. Curious about how your passion for helping others helps you overcome public speaking fears and improve your skills? Let’s try to get out of the comfort zone!

•  Irina Arsene built from the ground up the amazing company that is today while raising 2 children. Stay tuned for a great moment of inspiration from the programmer that got to led hundreds of people by the age of 25, who was a full-time director of a UK technical company while breastfeeding and courageous enough to start the entrepreneurship journey with two small kids at home.

•  Through an Interactive workshop, our special guests from Promocrat, Adela Popa and Adriana Virlan will tackle Creativity and Procrastination and shine a new light on how to mix them. Do you see yourself as an artist, or do you rather think that you use your logical brain, while creative thinkers go for traditional arts instead of coding? What does a developer have in common with Picasso?

This is just a preview of the March 8th event therefore join us, meet the speakers, listen to their stories and get inspired!

While our evening will end up with tons of positive energy and new insights, we'll have a raffle for a special gift.

Let’s start some conversations and celebrate together women in tech!

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Irina Arsene wins EY "Inspiring Woman of the Year" award

Irina Arsene, Founder, wins the first-ever "Inspiring Woman of the Year" Award at the 2023 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Gala!

Irina Arsene: "I believe in our organization's future because we're building it together. All I have to do is to continue learning, inspire others, and support my team throughout our continuous growth process."