Watch the High-Performance Java Persistence webinar with Vlad Mihalcea
March 15, 2023
Vlad Teodorescu Birla

On February 28, 2023, we hosted the High-Performance Java Persistence with Vlad Mihalcea.

The webinar was moderated by Technical Director Alexandru Puiu, and all theparticipants had the chance to get some insights and "steal" some Java knowledge from Java Champ Vlad Mihalcea.


Webinar topic: High-Performance Java Persistence

  • JPA is a very popular Java data access technology, and knowing its inner workings can make the difference between a high-performance enterprise application and one that barely crawls.
  • In this presentation, we go through the most common performance bottleneck issues while providing the most effective solutions as well.
  • Every Java developer that has to write data access code using Spring, Jpa, and Hibernate will benefit from these high-performance tips.

Vlad Mihalcea (speaker)

He wrote hundreds of articles about Hibernate on his blog:, and he has gold badges for the Java, Spring, JPA, and Hibernate tags on StackOverflow.

Alex Puiu (moderator)

  • Technical Director
  • Data enthusiast
  • Application Developer
  • Working with data and high data volume, naturally transitioned towards BI a couple of years ago and focused on performance and data architecture.

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