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December 28, 2021
Cezar Ginta
Our Teams

2022 is near, but what would be an end of the year without looking back at what challenges we faced, the milestones we marked and the achievements we had. In today's article, we would like to be grateful for everything 2021 has brought to us and hope for a new year full of kindness, evolution, and new opportunities.

Our minditPeople

There would be no such thing as a memorable year without mentioning what makes mindit.io a place where we mind each other: our people—a kind community. Over the past years, we learned a lot, focusing on providing value to our partners while creating a context where our people could grow, learn, and build together. Every strategy or plan that we created together would not be possible without proper execution, which is a merit to all of us.

Our goals

• We put people first by caring for each other and we help them throughout their journey.

• Being a partner of choice for our customers by providing solutions and expertise in multiple areas.

• Delivering professional outsourcing software development and support services with outstanding teams of experts along with innovative technologies.

• Scalable, healthy business, with organic growth.

• Having a kind community that will eventually shape the IT outsourcing world.

Challenges we faced in 2021

The biggest challenge is related to the COVID-19 restrictions, as the pandemic changed how we interact with each other. The natural uncertainty that came with the pandemic made us choose a tactic to tackle the moment's challenges by being transparent and open to our people's needs. We put a lot of emphasis on the human aspect by being there for each other and creating different scenarios, which would help us even further in managing unpredictable situations. We wanted to ensure that everyone is safe and connected to their team while working from home or our minditHomes.

Milestones we accomplished

By 31st December, we had 130 colleagues, and now, there are 180 colleagues. Compared to 2020, mindit.io had a growth of 40%, so it was reasonably expected that we would need to extend our teams; we were happy to welcome 50 new colleagues to our squad.

Another milestone we accomplished is the integration of new technologies into our arsenal. Constant technological advancement has compelled businesses to explore outsourcing more frequently. Still, these continuous innovations compelled us to boost our capabilities. The technologies we added to our portfolio in 2021 were .Net, Machine Learning with Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Serverless Solutions in Azure and AWS are some new additions in our arsenal. We also adopted new versions to previous additions such as Java 14 and Angular 12.

In terms of projects, we had our first project in .net for a competitive intelligence platform, two first machine learning projects for a food tech platform and a publishing platform.

These projects enabled us to grow even more and implement new solutions for our partners.

Our partnerships progressed organically and professionally. Even though some of the clients had to make some difficult decisions, they considered that the developed projects would be pillars in developing new solutions and strategies and continued to upgrade them. We either became the only service provider or partner of choice in some other partnerships, which is our objective.

The surprise we did not expect

We dreamed of opening a new location, and 2021 is the year we made everything possible by opening our first office outside Romania. We are happy to announce mindit swiss gmbh. We will let you know more with every step we take in the upcoming year. We strongly believe in freedom, diversity, ownership, creativity, and collaboration. By creating minditNomads we enhanced these values.

Achievements we marked in 2021

Becoming a TIBCO partner, Microsoft Gold partner on Data Analytics and Silver Cloud Platform are some of the early achievements of this year. Accomplishing more becomes easier with partners who share one common goal: delivering more to our partners.

People who work at mindit.io already know how much we value our partners. We think clients have the right to choose a partner who follows best practices and industry standards while working together to bring innovation to their software field. Because of this, we marked another important achievement by becoming 9001:2015 certified.

In terms of becoming a partner of choice outside Europe, we had a happy year knowing that our first US clients will benefit from some of the best services and expertise. Adding up to the achievements, 10 new partners started working with mindit to implement innovative solutions. Every client is very dear to us. We always focus on delivering a combination of technologies and expertise to accelerate business growth.

In terms of new minditHouses, we opened two new offices in Sibiu and Iasi this year. Our project minditNomads is very dear to us. Born in 2018 with our Constanta office, we created a new file to our stories and minditNomad has come to light from a dream we had: to offer our people the freedom to work not only from anywhere but from places where mindit.io energy and culture dwell. By the end of 2021, 6 minditHouses enabled us to visit or work with ease and flexibility

Do good activities

We engage in activities to give a hand to communities of people and support them with everything we can. Do good activities give our people the freedom to suggest a humanitarian activity and anyone can help and join in that project. To name a few of this year activities:

1. G53, together we build a theater

The concept of helping in constructing a theater is what we have always wanted to do. No theater was built in the last 75 years from scratch and G53 aims to create a community and a call to action for all people. Saving and protecting art is part of our mantra.

2. Teach for Romania, Deposit Restoration

Let the children dream and learn by interacting together and playing. We want to take away the burden of children that have low next to no access to school materials, books and toys. Anyone should have a chance to develop and live the life of their dreams, but dreams are made with hope and a small help from each of us. Helping a small school turn a deposit room into a relaxation room full of books and board games for children is a dear project to us.

3. Saint Nicolas came to Padureni

Last year Saint Nicolas visited the children in Padureni to spark a little joy in their hearts. This year, Saint Nicolas came with 92 presents and he ensured that they would start school with cozy boots and clothes the following year.

4. This year, we ran to Save the Children

We helped the organization in its quest to equip the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital with monitoring systems and the Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital - ENT Department with the necessary equipment for complex interventions in the ENT area. We were happy to run and take part in such an important mission.

5. Nuci Kids are back to school

When school doors opened, we wanted to ensure that kids would have the required materials for a proper education. Every colleague was free to choose to which kid they will bring joy and prepared a fully equipped schoolbag. Creating access to better education for children is part of our projects and we are grateful for giving children equal chances to a good education by giving them the tools they miss from their tiny desks.

How can you join mindit.io?

Thanks to the hybrid working model we are hiring from everywhere, we want to build an experience that will take you to the next level. We offer several benefits for you to enjoy, plus our unique organizational culture, based on flexibility and trust. We will provide a place for belonging and new things to do and learn. In mindit.io, we successfully implemented retention and improving programs to create an enhanced working experience for our colleagues to increase every person's potential. We also offer technical certification, induction programs, online platforms training, and technical conferences local and outside Romania.

You can join us by sending your CV to recruitment@mindit.io, and we will be happy to meet you!

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