3 years in mindit.io, a carousel of lessons and emotions
October 7, 2022
Bianca Paraschiv, PMP

I joined mindit.io 3 years ago and started by attending a teambuilding event. 

There I met the entire team, and I was dazzled by 100 amazing people, excited not only about being together on this beautiful mindit.io journey but also about being able to shape the destination and enjoying every step of the ride.

On my first day at the office, the first message I saw on the wall was "From failure we learn," and I was encouraged to do so; to explore, to dare to fail, to be prepared for success. 

So, this is what I did… learned, failed, and celebrated every success, small or big.

Building and acting as an engaged and committed team, reaching a milestone, closing a project, taking the risk, making the decision, having complex stakeholders, giving and receiving feedback on the spot, handling challenging situations, exceeding expectations, new friendships, working hard, working extra hours, had extra days off for mental health, and the list can (and will) go on and on. 

I do have to tackle some repetitive tasks, and reports, but I can always be me; I can always ask for help; I can be a buddy, constantly feeling that I'm making a difference for a person, team, customer, or myself. 

There were moments when I cried and moments when I felt genuine happiness. This is life, this is what we do day by day, this is mindit.io, this is how we share and we grow, and today, we are a community of over 220 people up for lifelong learning. 

At mindit.io, I found the motivation to excel by doing more than we'd thought possible, by testing limits and affording the freedom to fail, releasing our most creative, ambitious selves.

And here's 2022's mindit.io Festival Team Building Aftermovie!

Take a stroll (or a scroll) down my mindit.io memory lane...

                             We mind each other. We grow together. We're mindit.io

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