Cluj office
June 7, 2021
Maria Tudor
Our Teams

Last year a whole pandemic hit the planet. It came almost out of nowhere and it kinda felt like our life was put on freeze.

Life at was (and is) quite the opposite. We are dynamic, flexible and we love to transform challenges into opportunities; this time by opening a new office in a barely post-pandemic market.

It is well known that Cluj has one of the quickest growing IT markets in Romania. When looking at our map, it came only natural for our next pin point to be there.  Yet the decision wasn’t business-centred, but people-centred. We started with one colleague joining the team remotely and 19 more followed swiftly.

As we are working from houses, and not from office buildings, we started looking for one that could easily become both an office and a minditNomad home.

The one in Vasile Lupu street fit our needs perfectly with two separated spaces for office and accommodation but united in the same courtyard.

You know the saying: Putting IKEA furniture together makes the relationship 100 times stronger. And it did! All you need is:

-   some colleagues from Bucharest

-   some colleagues from Cluj

-   a full room of unpacked IKEA furniture

-   pizza&drinks

-   a beautiful summer evening

-   a great vibe

I 100% recommend this to any team; it's a great team-building that you cannot easily forget.

It took us only one day to put it all together and at the end it felt like our home, the one we worked together to make it pretty. That final look, when everything was said and done - it’s an irreplaceable feeling.

Therefore, in, when opening an office, we are not looking only at numbers and strategy; we are looking at people, opportunity and togetherness. Cluj office has a beautiful start story, coming alive in times of uncertainty and bringing us the energy we needed to keep on hoping and enjoying our lives when a lot of us were lost, scared or didn't see the light at the end.

Our Cluj story just started, there are a lot of things to be put in our book of memories. Stay tuned for our next success story!

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