FinancialAid – The story of a team.
March 29, 2021
Financial Aid Team
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Whether you are new to the world of hackathons or you already conquered a few, you might noticed what this is really about. Your team.

It was a Saturday morning when we started assembling for the most important tech event in, the hackathon, we were the team: WeHaveABusiness, a name that might seem odd, it started as a joke, because at first we were just 5 developers that wanted to hack and we called ourselves WeNeedABusiness, but we knew we will find someone to keep us on track and to help us on the business side, so after Ioana joined us we changed our name to WeHaveAbusiness, we tough of changing it to something more cool and we changed it to FinancialAid and we are happy with it now. But back to the day of the hackathon, the theme was chosen a few weeks ago, an important theme for us, “Education”, we were so excited because we chose a project that we still think it can make a difference: “ Financial Education”. So why we chose Financial Education?

We did it because is no question on how important education is in people's lives and how many benefits brings for an individual, but also for a group. This works the other way around, as well. Where there is a problem, usually it's because there is a lack of education regarding that area.

With 7 in 10 Romanians not having enough money from a paycheck to the next, Financial Education is something that we, as a society, are far from being comfortable with. It's not taught in schools, most of the adult population is not aware of this subject, so they can't pass it to the younger generations.

We really tough a lot about how we can tackle the issues and the best solution we found was what we will later call “Financial Aid”.

Financial Aid is an app for helping people learn about saving and investing money by playing. With a playground where people can introduce their data and receive charts, suggestions, explanations and a bot that answers questions about how they can do certain financial activities. This app was made in 24 hours with a lot of dedication and fun, we had moments when we were tired, when we just burst in laughter, this kind of moments made us feel like in a 1 day “coding vacation”, it really bonded us. For building the application we used our knowledge of Spring boot, ReactJs, and some of us even learned python to do a bot.

All in all, we can say we had a great time, we evolved and learned new things together, we becamea real team.

The members of FinancialAid were:

- Alexandru Nutu – Backend Developer.

- Ovidiu Miu – Fullstack Developer.

- Necsoiu Robert – Fullstack Developer and Designer.

- Necsoiu Marius – Backend Developer and Designer.

- Dragos Stanescu – Frontend Developer.

- Ioana Moisescu – Project Manager.

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