How we created a productive and exciting Career Kickstarter Internship @
December 9, 2022
Anelis Burlacu

Welcome to our new joiner’s world!

Firstly, I want to point out the fact that for growing a team, you’ll need to have people around and I’m so grateful to all my colleagues who did the magic, for their implication, and their unconditional support throughout the entire recruiting process.

Because we love to help others and we work strategically, our motto #wegrowtogether means to create a nice environment and a different type of strategy for integrating our new interns into the project. Isn’t it true that more fun at work means more productivity and a less stressful working environment?

What was the strategy?

We create a group of development, marketing, and HR people to analyze the whole process and future steps for our candidates.

The internal effort means 2 months of preparation which started with a timeline of the process, a marketing strategy, different types of technical tests, creating confluence pages full of different backend/frontend courses, and with the help of our Project Managers we managed to choose the best applications for our interns’ needs.

Started from…

After 2 weeks of applying for the online job post, we started to create a magical way to become a Junior Backend/Frontend Developer in Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj, and Sibiu.

We are proud and thankful for all the 420 applicants for the frontend role and 300 applicants for the backend role. For those of you who are by now part of the team, we thank you and we're so happy that you chose to join our community. For those of you who haven't reached the final stages of the process, we're pretty sure that it's just a matter of time before our paths will meet again. And we can't wait for that moment to come!

To trigger your curiosity even further, here's a table about our recruitment stages and the numbers of participants:

  1. We had 8 groups of HR Discussions where we introduced the interns to our workstyle & projects and focused on fitting the applicants’ soft skills & professional growing needs to our teams and environment.
  1. Our mentors reviewed the technical tests and the tech potential of every candidate and moved to the most interesting part, which is the technical group discussions, in every office!
  1. To continue with our transparency and openness way of working, we had 8 technical group discussions. Here the participants met the mentors and started with an ‘ice breaker’ discussion including getting to know each other & technical questions about the past projects. The amazing part started with the practical problem where our interns shared opinions and created great brainstorming sessions to solve the code.

I’m an Intern, what’s next?

And so the adventure begins...

Every mentor had 3 to 6 interns to work closely with for 1 month to prepare them for the big game, a real application to develop.  

Why real? Because the application they currently develop is used for internal or external needs.

Isn’t it cooler yet? They started to work on it from scratch and have visibility to understand a project from the ‘first bug’ and learn how to interact with a Business Analyst or a Project Manager. Of course, they aren’t alone, the mentors and an internal team were specially prepared for being around, coding with them, and continuing to give all the necessary support.

Of course, that's putting our 2022 Career Kickstarter Internship in a nutshell. But there's so much more to look forward to next spring. Stay tuned for new surprises and even more exciting challenges!

Students, and new joiners in the IT field, we will be looking for you! Stay close to our Careers page and follow the LinkedIn page to stay updated with all our latest projects and open roles!

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