How We Grow Together in
August 25, 2020
Laura Rosianu
Our Teams

All of you following us on social media (we are very active on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter) probably noticed that we have a passion for #WeGrowTogether. Curious what’s behind it?

Let’s take a closer look into its elements:


It’s obviously about us, mindit people.
“We” is now a group of more than 180 amazing people from different backgrounds, cities and ages all sharing the same values and life principles.
We put people first. And we center our activities around the needs of people - be it our colleagues or clients, we take great pride when we are able to help and to make a difference in somebody’s life.
We always deliver. No matter the challenges (we LOVE good ones), we always keep our promises and we are there in times of need. If the recent pandemic has taught us anything is that having reliable partners is key to overcoming any obstacle.
We work hard and we play harder. Life is meant to be enjoyed and we strongly believe that the secret of a balanced life is combining work with play, day in, day out.


Growth is about being the best versions of ourselves. We believe that the only true competition is with the versions of ourselves from the past and we strive to be better every day. We all have good days and bad days. There are some when everything feels effortless and others when everything is a burden. We acknowledge that’s normal and with the support of our peers, we get through tough times and celebrate the good ones.
Growth is also about exploring, trying new things, leaving the comfort zone and adventuring into the wild unknown to challenge ourselves. Good things come to those who dare to carve their own fate, and we love the success stories of our colleagues that started as juniors and grew so much they exceeded even their wildest dreams.


We do all of the above together. Together we are stronger, better, wiser. Together we have created a space that allows each and every one of us to fulfill our potential, reach our goals and try to make a difference in the world. Even now, as we are working apart, we come together in new and meaningful ways, we share the challenges we are facing and we find ways of coping with them, you guessed it - together. Together is about belonging, trusting and supporting each other.  It’s the family-like feeling we have when we join forces and overcome adversities.

“We grow together” is more than a phrase we use, is more than a catchy hashtag for social media, is the way we do things and it’s a strong part of our culture.

In brief, We are and We Grow Together.

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