mindit chats with Adrian Francu: "If you are looking to improve and become a better version of yourself personally and professionally this is the place"
April 21, 2023
Vlad Teodorescu Bîrlă

Alin Ionescu passed the minditchats series torch over to his good old friend, Adrian Francu, and the results were not disappointing!

Check out what Adrian's all about by scrolling down.

1. What's something that happened to you that can only happen here? What's unique about mindit.io?

Coming from the retail industry I could immediately tell that the culture was different from what I had experienced so far. This is a place that allows you to truly reach your full potential. At mindit.io you are rewarded for your hard work and even more!

2. How have you grown professionally while on our team?

If you know the quote "From 0 to Hero" this is it. I have literally started my IT career from 0 at mindit.io. From support intern to java developer. It was not easy, hard work, courses and feedback on the spot paved the way for my improvement and growth.

At mindit.io, managers are there to guide and encourage. I really love the one on one talks, you can really tell that they understand and care.

3. What was the moment you knew you'd made the right decision to work here?

I started my mindit.io journey when the pandemic was in full effect and WFH became a thing. The communication was mostly remote but I bonded really fast with the help of my weird jokes. On a more serious note, within the first week I knew I was in the right place because work was so interesting and engaging at the same time.

The OG support team is the best and I am proud to have been a part of it! Even if now we have different roles and work in other teams we still keep in touch daily.

4. How would you describe an ideal day at work?

Well, it would have to be sunny day with the whole team at one of our minditNomad houses. And that day I would imagine finishing up a difficult task that was really hard to do and then enjoying quality time with the team.

5. In one word, how would you describe your team?

I have to say that I am truly blessed. I am surrounded by professional experienced developers from which I learn and look up to.

SOLX team gets things done - our moto: "Let`s go!"

The whole team is really wonderful, and when we gather we make good memories and a lot of laughs.

6. Which benefits are your favorite and why?

I cannot pick a favorite because I consider all of them equally important. We have a lot of benefits, from paid education to remote working and extra days off, you choose.

7. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about joining mindit.io?

If you are looking to improve and become a better version of yourself personally and professionally this is the place. There is a culture of support and growth in mindit.io and if you have the right mindset there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Interested in our OPEN ROLES? Apply today, or drop us a line, right here.

8. If you could do anything else for a living, in an alternative universe, what would that be?

I would have to say I would be a painter, because I love to express my love for nature in something that you can hang on an empty wall. I had an inclination from childhood to draw animals and nature pretty accurately, but lost interest somehow, and recently I tried painting. I was amazed of how much appreciations I received for my work.

9. What movie, book, or TV show would you recommend? How do you relax and unwind?

I am a fan of the Sci-Fi genre, and you probably guessed already what movies I like. But I will mention them anyway: Star Wars, Alien, Predator, Space Odyssey, The butterfly effect, Limitless, Looper.

For TV show: West World, Snowpiercer, Band of Brothers, The last of US, GOT.

10. Who would you tag next to be interviewed by us?

I think it's time for Vlad Muresan to take the stage - tag you`re it!

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