mindit chats with Alin Ionescu: “If you’re willing to learn, the sky is the limit here”
April 11, 2023
Vlad Teodorescu Birla

Alexandru Gorovei “paid it forward” to Alin Ionescu in the mindit chats series, so let’s see what he’s all about!

1. What's something that happened to you that can only happen here? What's a unique part about working here?  

What’s unique about mindit.io is that you can experiment and accomplish a lot more here, as opposed to your average workplace, because you are encouraged to step outside your role and find anything that may spark your passion.  

You’re not placed in a department where you must strictly mind your own tasks. You can always experiment and if you’re willing to learn, the sky is the limit here. All you have to do is ask, and you will receive all the necessary resources and support from everyone around you.  

2. How have you grown professionally while on our team?  

I joined the team on May 23rd, 2021, starting out as an intern, and after 3 months I became a Technical Support Engineer. Currently I’m the Technical Lead for my team, which I really enjoy doing.

I want to continue learning and growing professionally, and given the people you have by your side, everything becomes a lot easier. If your colleagues are fun to deal with, every task becomes a whole lot less difficult and more manageable, because you get to work together, as a team.  

I’ve had several mentors in mindit.io with whom I can discuss anything whenever I encounter any challenges. I can’t thank them enough for sharing their experience, expertise, and for the advice they give me, which inevitably leads to professional and personal growth.  

3. What was the moment you knew you'd made the right decision to work here?  

For me, joining mindit.io was a huge leap forward. I was given the chance to enter the IT industry coming from auditing, which I really didn’t enjoy doing.

Here I’ve met some of the friendliest people ever who gave me the chance to start crafting a role for myself from day one.  

Receiving their trust straight from the get-go allowed me to develop a lot faster, and I knew right then that I had made the right decision to join mindit.io.  

I’m extremely passionate about what I do, I simply love the interactions I have with my colleagues and our partners, and I really wouldn’t want it any other way.  

4. How would you describe an ideal day at work?  

An ideal day at work wouldn’t change much from what our days look like now, to be quite honest. Perhaps, a lighter workload, but other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing.

The people from my team are truly great individuals and we’re all on the same wavelength. Whenever we decide to come to the office, we have a great time and you can clearly tell that we’ve missed spending time with each other, face-to-face.  

We hang out a lot and talk about this, that, and the other all the time, which really makes working an enjoyable experience.  

5. In one word, how would you describe your team?

Can I use two words? HUGE POTENTIAL!

We work together daily and have done so for months now, and I’ve seen a lot of potential in each and every single one of my colleagues.

We manage to align ourselves in such a way that when one of us is overloaded, we immediately rearrange our priorities so everyone can focus without being stressed out over the number of tasks they have on their plate.  

I literally think there’s no challenge too great for us, given how united and well-connected we are.  

We have constant talks, and 1-on-1 discussions and we make sure that everyone is okay with what they’re doing and how their role is shaping out, based on their plans and expectations.  

I wouldn’t want anyone to come to work stressed or feel like their needs are not being listened to. That’s not my style, and I think that would be counterproductive for all the people here.  

6. Which benefits are your favorite and why?  

What I really enjoy is the entire minditNomad concept and the minditNomad homes we have. It’s a truly unique and revolutionary idea.

You can go to the seaside or hit the mountains to work or have fun with your colleagues, friends, or family. How great is that?  

Our offices are extremely inviting and cozy and you don’t feel like you’re walking inside a big old glass corporate aquarium.  

Also, if you want to learn something, you’re always encouraged to do so and you’ll receive support for any professional courses you want to take, based on the technologies you want to specialize in.  

If you want to organize a team gathering, you’ll have no issues in getting everything done for a good old after-hours meetup with your colleagues. And that’s a pretty awesome thing to do in my book.  

7. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about joining mindit.io?  

If you give it your best and you show interest, the sky’s the limit. Even if you don’t have any solid knowledge, if you’re willing to learn, there’s always someone here to help you. Trust me, no one will roll their eyes if you have any questions, even if you feel like they’re silly.  

We all have a learner’s mindset here, so feel free to ask away!  

I’ve had 3 people that helped and guided me since I started, and I still approach them today whenever I need some information or advice, even if we’re on different teams right now.  

People here are really open-minded, and we believe that if you spend so much time of the day working with some people, why not get to know them better and enjoy their company as well? Right?

If you’re interested in joining the team, have a look at our OPEN ROLES, and apply today!  

8. If you could do anything else for a living, in an alternative universe, what would that be?   

I would be a race car driver. Formula 1 race car driver, of course. I would settle for nothing less. I am simply obsessed with cars, and I have been like that since I was like 14 years old.  

If I see or hear a car on the street, I can tell you the year of fabrication, what motor problems it has, and any other details you wouldn’t expect a normal person to know. That’s my thing. This is what keeps me going.

When I’m driving, I forget about everything (not road signs and driving rules, of course) and I leave all my problems behind.

My dream car is a Nissan GTR aka Godzilla, or the S63 AMG. I like brutal cars. I want them to be flashy, and shiny. I want them to scream!  

9. What movie, book, or TV show would you recommend? How do you relax and unwind?     

“300” is one of my all-time favorite movies. “Never back down” is another one at the top of my list, which is a great movie about adolescents fighting. I highly recommend it.

I also follow the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and I’m up to date with anything MMA-related. In my opinion, Conor McGregor is No. 1, and there’s no one like him in terms of entertainment when it comes to this sport.  

Sitcoms? House M.D. is always a good idea. I’ve seen it 3 or 4 times by now and I’m planning on watching it again. The only problem is that I tend to pick up a lot of things from his attitude, and I do that quite often with people I admire. It can be quite weird sometimes.  

Another one to add to the list is Supernatural, which is a must-watch!  

10. Who would you tag next to be interviewed by us?  

Adrian Francu is and has been on my hit list for a long time! Adrian, well, well, well, how the turntables… TAG, you’re it!  

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