mindit chats with Anelis Burlacu: "I think mindit.io overall is a vibe, a different vibe of working because you are surrounded by nice, communicative, efficient, and kind people."
August 16, 2023
Daniel Șfița

Giorgiana Ciocan decided to put her trusted colleague to work and challenged Anelis Burlacu to be this week's mindit chats spotlight!

Let's have a look at how our chat with Anelis went.

1. What's something that happened to you that can only happen here? What's unique about mindit.io?  

I think mindit.io overall is a vibe, a different vibe of working because you are surrounded by nice, communicative, efficient, and kind people.

For me, the first unique thing that comes to my mind is my working team, full of hard-working ladies that give me fresh air, support, and the feeling that someone is always there for you.

2. How have you grown professionally while on our team?  

I started with end-to-end recruitment processes and now I'm involved in recruitment and in the people area. I love to talk and to stay in touch with my candidates and to be involved and grow the people initiatives because in the end the way you feel at work could impact a part of your living.

3. What was the moment you knew you'd made the right decision to work here?    

I knew from the beginning that was the right decision because I worked in the past with my colleagues and I trusted their feeling about how are the people, culture and working flow here.

4 How would you describe an ideal day at work?  

My ideal day at work started with email and LinkedIn checks and continues with our recruitment daily when we do priorities and organize the tasks.

5. What is your team like?

I couldn't have just one word for my colleagues because they mean a lot to me, firstly friends, a safe environment without stress and pressure, just rays of sunshine.

6. Which benefits are your favorite and why?  

Nomad benefit is maybe the first one, because we have a lot of nomad houses and could travel and work in different spots of the country.

7. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about joining mindit.io?  

As I discussed in every meeting with our future colleagues is very important firstly to feel it and to ask yourself what the difference is between mindit.io and your current job. I bet on our culture, openness to talk with everyone, to be helped and to share knowledge with others, to be a part of a Nomad and flexible way of working and the most important to create your own role.

Take a look at our OPEN ROLES, and apply today! There’s always room for cool and talented people at mindit.io!

8. What is the mindit.io value you feel the most and how you do you live it?

I think is more a package, mindit.io has a lot of values starting from technical & delivery teams to our talent & people, marketing, financial area. For sure that the culture and the way how people just are here is the first value that you could feel. Everything comes with time.

9. If you could do anything else for a living, in an alternative universe, what would that be?   

I'm a sun lover and I think I would open a coffee shop near the sea, I could be a barista because I'm passionate about coffee and I also recharge myself discussing with people.

10. What movie, book, or TV show would you recommend? How do you relax and unwind?   

I'm more a fan of tv-series and I just started Peaky Blinders series, for now on summer days I like more to go outside and to stay in nature than watch a movie or a tv-show. Probably during vacation I will start to read Staring at the Sun because I'm a big fan of Irvin Yalom.

11. Who would you tag next to be interviewed by us?  

Because she is an inspirational, hard-working, smiling lady and great work buddy I will let you in the presence of my amazing colleague, Luiza Petre. It's your time to do magic, lady, impress us and please, don't be modest!

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