mindit chats with Eduard Moroianu: “Transparency and honesty are core values at mindit.io. What you see is what you get!”
September 8, 2022
Vlad Teodorescu Birla

Claudia Istrate wanted to settle an old score with Eduard Moroianu, so she figured that tagging him for the mindit chats series was the best method of getting back at him.

Let's see if she succeeded!

1. What's something that happened to you that can only happen here? What's a unique part about working here?

I would say accountability. mindit.io has this unique way of offering anyone the chance to become their best possible selves without demanding this from no one. mindit.io simply manages to create the proper context and the perfect environment for anyone to take accountability and have complete control over their career path.

That's unique about working here; that's what makes mindit.io special.  

2. How have you grown professionally while on our team?

I've been a part of mindit.io for 6 or 7 years. Who's counting… I used to work with Irina Arsene (mindit.io Founder) even before coming here, and I really liked and connected with her vibe. 

Professionally, I would say that I've grown a lot, and one of the things that stand out the most to me is how we connect with each other. The way we relate with our colleagues. Nothing is fake. Everything is straight up front. Everything has a purpose, and that purpose is not hidden.

Even after so much time, mindit.io's vibe hasn't changed. And this was obvious, especially during the pandemic when we managed to be like fish in the seas. Sure, the adaptation period was a little bit harder for everyone. Still, we managed to thrive and integrate all our new colleagues into our organizational culture. 

3. What was the moment you knew you'd made the right decision to work here?

 I knew I made the right decision to come here when I said yes to the job proposal. I never had any doubts. I knew exactly what I was getting into. Not every little detail, of course, but I had complete trust in Irina and her vision. And nothing has changed since then.

4. What was your best day at work? What are you most proud of?

At the end of each day, I look back at the work I put in, and if I tell myself that I couldn't have done anything else, then I consider that a good day. 

I take pride in my interactions with my colleagues and our partners. Although there are days when we "have to put fires out," it's much more enjoyable knowing that I have all the necessary support from every direction.  

5. What is your team like?

I would say my teams because I work with a lot of them. Each team is different. But I would call them "normal people." They're exceptional, yet normal. You see their enthusiasm, strong points, and even the mistakes they learn from, which is really something amazing to look at. It's a collective full of wonderful people.

I even have a song that perfectly describes the entire mindit.io vibe from my point of view. You can check it out below. 

6. Which benefits are your favorite and why?


If I were to pick just one word, that would be flexibility when it comes to working from anywhere and building your own schedule.

7. What would you do if you were CEO for a day? 

I have no idea. Really. I wouldn't make any radical changes. I think that in the mindit.io context, as opposed to other organizations, being CEO doesn't apply as it would for corporations.

Transparency and honesty are core values at mindit.io. When you work in such an environment where you can access almost all the information the CEO has available, you would probably have just another day at the office, but with different responsibilities.

8. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about joining mindit.io?

I would simply tell them to come. I have discussed this several times before with acquaintances, and there's a concept used in Interface Design called "what you see is what you get."

That's mindit.io. What you see internally and externally is precisely what you can expect; transparency and honesty come naturally here. And I think that's what people appreciate about us.

But don't just take my word for it. Apply for one of our OPEN ROLES right here, or consider our mindit.io Career Kickstarter Internship to convince yourself that what you see is truly what you get! 

9. What movie, book, or TV show would you recommend? How do you relax and unwind? 

I play games, I watch movies, and I try to practice sports.

Regarding what I do in my free time to relax, I like listening to high-fidelity vinyl discs, and my all-time favorite band is Pink Floyd. Classic.

I've also started reading "The Foundation" by Isaac Asimov, which is extremely interesting. Honestly, I rarely get bored. I try to keep myself busy all the time with things I enjoy.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Coffee is another passion of mine, and this chat got me in the mood to have another one. 

10. Who would you tag next to be interviewed by us?

I would like to tag George Munteanu because he is a cool person to have around and a pleasure to work with. Also, his mustache is really funny. You can tell him that I said that!

I'm really interested in finding out what he has to say. George, TAG, you're it!

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