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March 3, 2021
Alexandru Puiu
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At mindit.io, we know that the single most important ingredient of our success is our people.

We are committed to the growth and development of our colleagues. Every member of our work family has a unique story about their path to mindit.io and how they’ve grown.

We recognize that each colleague is one of a kind, with different perspectives and experiences that influence and inform their ideas and opinions which are value by all of us.

These differences lead to innovation and better decisions which makes us successful.

Below are a few words from our colleague Alexandru PuiuBusiness Intelligence Data Architect @mindit.io

Where did it all begin? What drew you most towards mindit.io?

It all began in 2016, while in second year of University, I wanted to do more, professionally. Or, to better say it, to start my professional career. At that moment, mindit.io was one of the few that gave me a chance to build experience, while most were targeting 3rd or 4th year students for the internships.

What are your top three career milestones? If you had to pinpoint a defining moment along your journey in mindit.io, what would that be?

Can't really say that I track my career milestones too close, mainly because I run from a challenge to another, and I forget to enjoy accomplishing them. If I would have to choose 3 things that I like that I achieved through my career until now those would be:

- managing to help others grow and develop

- enjoying my professional career and understanding that I am doing what I am supposed to do

- becoming a technical leader

There are many other things that I'm grateful for achieving, but I think that I get most professional satisfaction and motivation from being able to help and encourage others while doing what I enjoy.

Where do you see yourself now, career-wise? What else do you wish to achieve?

Let's put it like this, if you were to ask me where I see myself in 5 years, 5 years ago, most likely, I wouldn't have thought of this. And I mean that in a good way, as, being surrounded by great people that encouraged and allowed me to develop myself at a fast pace, allowed me to grow much more than I would have expected before I started working. As for my next goals, well, first of all, I want to keep myself challenged and do what I like. I want to grow more and I want to be able to help more people grow.

How does your current role in mindit.io fit into your career goals?

Like a glove! Having an open culture, focused on creativity, culture and people allowed me to define my role through my career. And I had my fair share of technologies and responsibilities that drove me where I am now. I get to build things, improve things and support my colleagues, which gives me a lot of good energy and keeps me moving forward. I guess it's quite understandable why I do think my role fits me very well.

What are the most rewarding and dearest moments lived in mindit.io? What about the biggest challenges?

There are many great moments I had in mindit.io. Amongst them, ones that I really enjoyed were the ones where the people for whom I was a buddy grew and developed in a really nice way, becoming reliable colleagues and professionals. I had a sense of accomplishment knowing that at least I managed to give those persons one or two advices. To these we add all the great moments at the parties and gatherings, all the warmth and trust coming from the people around me. As for challenges, I'd say the biggest challenge is the one I did not overcome yet. But I was also late to the Christmas party due to a deployment. 😅

What is the biggest life lesson you have learned in mindit.io, or during your career, in general? How do you apply it in your daily life?

I learned that you can do whatever you want and achieve anything you want, as long as you do not limit yourself and surround yourself with supportive people. Also, I understood that learning never stops and you should never take a break from learning, you will always find something new, you may just need to see things from a different point of view. For me, that's my mantra, never settling and always looking for the next challenge.

How do you challenge yourself?

As it may come out from the other answers, I am driven by the challenge and that's what keeps me going. For me, the easiest way to challenge myself, learn and grow more is by being curious and try to do things, although, I may not be an expert related to that topic, it doesn't mean I cannot learn and try to do something. Disclaimer: Maybe do not ride in the first car that I will build. 😂

Lastly, if you were to describe mindit.io in one word or phrase, what would that be?

The place where you can build your best version.

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