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April 6, 2021
Adrian Puscasu
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Telling stories is always a favorite thing to do for us. And when it comes to success stories, here at mindit.io, we are more than happy to hear them. It's the best way to get to know excellent, driven, and honest people, right?

Adrian Puscasu has been with us for two and a half years now as a Technical Lead Integration. We are very proud of how he grew, and we thank him very much for taking part in our story.

Take a sip of coffee or tea, and let's find out together a little more about Adrian and his journey to success.

Where did it all begin? What drew you most towards mindit.io?

After spending almost 11 years at the first company I worked for, I felt the need for a change and went to a large international corporation. Once I got there, I realized that it's not really what I want and that I feel much better in a smaller company, so I started looking for alternatives.

I came across mindit.io. I found it interesting, and later, after I established the first discussion, I found (to my delight) that a former colleague was working at mindit.io at that time.

I had the first discussion with Dumi (n.r. Dumitru Pascu - CTO) that I really liked, but what definitely convinced me was the one with Lucia (n.r. Lucia Stoicescu - Co-CEO), who is a different leader from everyone I've worked with so far.

What are your top three career milestones? If you had to pinpoint a defining moment along your journey in mindit.io, what would that be?

I helped prepare and then presented a POC with a new solution to one of our partners.

And although it seemed to me that I was doing something ordinary, something I was doing somehow every day - I was thrilled with the impact of the presentation and the fact that Dumi greatly appreciated my work and congratulated me during the monthly meeting with the whole company.

Following that presentation, I think that the partner's impression on me, and probably on our whole team, also significantly improved.

Another important moment was after starting a new project in which we use another software stack. We managed to make the team functional after only 1 sprint and to deliver software after only 2 weeks since we started the project.

We were very proud that during our first retrospective session, the Product Owner congratulated us and told us that he was amazed at how quickly we integrated into the project.

Where do you see yourself now, career-wise? What else do you wish to achieve?

I like my current role, projects, and the company related. I am still very attracted to the software development side, and I am happy that I can still do that.

In the future, I want to move more towards an architect role and maybe even more to coordinating larger projects.

How does your current role in mindit.io look now?

What I really like about mindit.io is that there is no pressure about what your role is or what you need to do.

Everyone can grow in any direction they want and get what skills they think they need.

We are really encouraged not to limit ourselves to just one role and try to get involved in more parts. This helps us a lot to evolve.

What are the most rewarding and dearest moments lived in mindit.io? What about the most significant challenges?

What impressed me the most was the first annual retrospective meeting (held around Christmas), in which we discussed what happened last year and what we want to happen next. I was impressed that it was discussed freely without anyone feeling any restraint given that the owners of the company and those on the management committee were there and the fact that Irina (n.r. Irina Arsene - Founder and Co-CEO) presented us very transparently what is happening in the company and her perspective on mindit's future.

What is the biggest life lesson you have learned in mindit.io, or during your career, in general? How do you apply it in your daily life?

Over time, I have had the opportunity to work with many people who were just starting their journey (sometimes in their careers, sometimes in the field in which I work). I managed to understand after a few years that every person is different and reacts differently depending on their personality.

If, at first, I made the mistake of comparing everyone to me and thought everyone should think the same as me, I realized it was wrong in time. I tried and still try to treat everyone depending on their personality.

How do you challenge yourself?

I try to learn new things as often as possible, and I am happy that the current project offered me this opportunity.

Lastly, if you were to describe mindit.io in one word or phrase, what would that be?

mindit.io is a fair and transparent company in which people are treated correctly; everything starts from the top-down, from Irina, Lucia, and Dumi, who have a great attitude towards all colleagues.

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