mindit.io stories: How I switched to QA
August 17, 2021
Andrei Carindatoiu
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About Me:

I’m Andrei, a QA Test engineer with more than 8 years in manual testing (games and software) and more recently in automation. I see myself a fast learner, always ready to take up new challenges and eager to update to a better version of myself with each year. I am curious about the “HOWs?” and I love to explore places, people and my own self. This aligns a lot with the QA part and that’s pretty much why I chose this type of job. Of course, there are multiple factors that make someone love their career but let me mention what made me love it.

I joined mindit.io a few months ago. Right from the beginning I resonated with the company’s culture. During my interview I learned about their Do-Good initiatives, People orientation, minditNomad and so on. I thought to myself “What’s not to like? I see no bugs detected so far.”

I started with two already existing projects. After that, I took up a new one in its early stages. I’m already at my fourth project in mindit.io and I absolutely love it. Needless to say, all the projects that I worked on so far presented multiple challenges, milestones to reach, short ETAs, but the biggest difference was made inside each team. I felt that everybody is involved and really cares about the project and its needs. My colleagues have an ownership mentality which I believe is the bedrock of a successful team.

Being the only QA at first meant I had full autonomy over this area. The opportunity made me feel confident and enormously contributed to my own ownership mentality. The constant feedback received after each Demo or each completed objective is a way to improve myself and step out of the comfort zone, evolving each time :D. As I told my colleagues, I always wanted to learn automation. Firstly, because it offers so many benefits, especially for regression testing. It’s simply amazing to know that you can do a great job on your project and handle the problems in a more hands on manner.

Now, let me tell you a bit about myself, I’m not the one who can easily learn by himself. I didn’t study informatics at high school or college, and I wasn’t the brightest at mathematics either. This pretty much means that I had to work hard with automation in order to learn. I also needed courses, trainers or mentors to stay by my side and respond to my foolish questions. But mindit.io covered this for me, supporting my Automation course (which offers a personal trainer, Java, Selenium + TestNg). The big surprise came at one project when I was assigned the only tester, meaning that only Automation was needed for this part. You can imagine how good I felt that I was entrusted with this extremely important role, even though I had not had much experience with automation, Java or HTML language before. I never felt more useful on any job so far (and I work since I was 15).

Now, here it comes my favorite part: when each project started, I had the chance to train a new intern. Even though none of them has worked in the QA area before, they really adapted fast to this transition. It was extremely pleasant for me to talk about what I’m doing, present what are the best practices, how to prepare yourself mentally to start over and over again.

Even if I joined mindit.io while we were all working remote, I feel that I can effectively interact with any person inside the company. We had several events where we were able to meet each other and every single time I connected with someone. There is no limit here to grow as much as I want, and I truly recommend mindit.io if you resonate with its culture.

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