mindit.io stories: My experience as an intern in the mindit.io family
July 27, 2021
Mihaela Burduja
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How did I come to make a professional reconversion? Well, it just started with a simple discussion between friends who are part of this field, and being a curious person, I investigated more what this part of QA means. Based on the knowledge of the quality of products and services since college, but also working for a short period as quality manager for a company offering design services, I saw this change as a plus forme.

The first step towards this change was to attend a demo session of a manual testing course. At that point, it was clear to me that this is what I want to do in the future and with the pandemic this desire has taken even more shape. These times have enabled me to materialize this aspiration, because I was able to combine work with manual testing courses.

I arrived at mindit.io after a long period of searching but also with the help of the same friends who supported me in fulfilling this goal. From the first interview with Andreea, I realized that mindit.io is a place where I can grow, but also a place where I can feel at home. My intuition was confirmed from the first conversation with Roxana and Andrei, during which they talked to me as if I was already a member of their family.

The three months spent as an intern in the mindit.io family were months in which I learned new skills and met people from whom I had a lot to learn, and for that I thank them. But I also learned that there is nothing wrong with not knowing how to solve certain tasks. I also learned that it’s ok to ask my colleagues for help. They have always risen to the occasion and helped me understand and complete my tasks. And most of all, I am glad that during this period I also contributed a little to the completion of an application, and that I could value the work of my colleagues more.

In conclusion, I want to add that during these months spent within the mindit.io family, I realized that mindit.io not only grows quality people every day, but also gets involved in the development of people from outside, with the help of the “Do Good” project, which, in my opinion, is an added value compared to other companies I was part of, and that's why I'm glad I am here now.

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