mindit.io stories: Tell me and I forget, involve me and I learn.
November 16, 2021
Andrada Gobeaja
Our Teams

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."

Benjamin Franklin

Think about the time when a child takes their first steps. People around them watch closely, happy but somehow nervous out of fear that things will take an unpleasant spin. The child might hurt themselves or break things around them. Now, think of the time you took your first steps in your career. How were people acting around you? Probably with the same caution. Today, you will hear a story of a different approach from someone lucky enough to take these steps along the mindit.io family.

There are a lot of analogies to the learning process. Some might compare them with climbing a mountain or building a house. I would best describe it as surfing. My first days in mindit.io were filled with various emotions, from curiosity, excitement, and unease when I would face a challenge I felt I couldn't work out independently. Those were waves I perceived as obstacles in my path. However, I discovered that I needed to embrace them and overcome them, but I was not alone.

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Mentorship is one of our core practices. Everyone has a mentor, someone to look up to and to ask for advice when needed. But the truth is, whether it be pair programming, providing a solution to help me get out of a blockage, or providing feedback; every colleague has been a mentor to me at some point. Community and collaborations are key values; we build the foundation for a safe space that allows us all to fulfill our potential and achieve our goals. Such a mindset not only supports stronger and more enduring teambuilding but also inspires self-awareness and autonomy.

One of the best things I've experienced here is the sense of empowerment. I received tasks and started working on projects right away. As expected, my working speed was relatively slow, but I was assured that it's perfectly fine to take things at my own pace. The involvement I had played a crucial role not only in developing my skills much faster, but it made me take ownership of my work and be responsible for delivering all these from the very start.

mindit.io people grow together, and one of the most valuable lessons learned here is asking for help. My colleagues are always more than happy to share their knowledge with me, whether it would be something technical or advice for someone at the start of their career. They motivate me to constantly improve myself and take up more considerable challenges each day because it is fine to ask questions and make mistakes. I have the freedom to choose the height of the next wave to ride, and my team motivates and encourages me to reach for the biggest and scariest of them. "Taking up a challenging task? Sure, let us know if you get stuck. Do you want to learn about a completely new technology? No problem, you can peer program with someone who knows it and don't get short on questions!"

I am encouraged to learn, to try new things, and to fail. "Fail. Fail fast. Fail better." says a sign in our office. During my time here, I understood the importance of making mistakes and that I am not perfect. And that's okay because, in mindit.io, we put people first and genuinely care about their journey.

In the end, I'd like to wish you to be excited, to be curious, to be proud of your work, and to have at least half of the enthusiasm I have for what I do. It's common to say that as years pass by, the fire inside slowly burns out. However, maybe think about changing the wave. All I know is that I'm ready to surf the biggest of them because I know that mindit.io has my back.

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