mindit.io @ the SWISS FINTECH Fair 2021
October 5, 2021
Lucia Stoicescu
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#backtogether21 was the central focus of the SWISS FINTECH Fair 2021, that took place on September 08 in Zurich. Our Co-CEO, Lucia Stoicescu was present at the event and in the following brief interview you can read more about her experience there.

Q: What is mindit.io's connection to Swiss market?

L: Since 2015, at mindit.io, we provide quality software solutions to our partners, most of them being Swiss companies. We grew together with them; we supported their businesses during the pandemic and we recently made public our close partnership with Swisscom Health.

We believe we have a strong understanding of Swiss standards in software and not only.

We bring experience to the table and most important than that -care. To quote one of our Swiss business partners: "It is more than just a business relationship. It is a common spirit."

Q: What is SWISS FINTECH Fair 2021?

L: The SWISS FINTECH Fair is considered the major event of the year for the fintech community in Switzerland. It's an invitation-only event, where the leading 500 companies in fintech &finance get together.

For this year's edition, fintech start-ups, scale-ups and providers got to meet and present to C-Levels, decision makers, innovation officers and board members of leading Swiss and European banks, insurers and financial institutions.

Q: How was it like to participate at the SWISS FINTECH Fair 2021?

L: Amazing! I enjoyed it very much! It was such a joy to join attend this conference physically in person and meet really amazing professionals. For me it was the first participation, but for many of the participants of the other guests the vibe was really nice, because they were “back together” after 2 years. I am so grateful we had the opportunity to be present and mindit.io got selected for this event.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the Switzerland Fintech Association?

L: Swiss Fintech is Switzerland’s non-profit fintech association and community for fintech, entrepreneurship and digitization. The opening speech was given by Urs Haeusler, who has tremendous experience in building businesses from ideas. The SWISS FINTECH Fair is Switzerland's Fintech tradeshow which provides a framework for discussion with fin-tech start-ups, innovators and networking with fellow enthusiasts in the digital community. The event was organized extremely well, congratulations to the organizers.

Q: Which were the buzzwords and trends presented?

L: I enjoyed the panel on The Future of Finance, in which the discussion went towards trends like sustainable banking, reimagine investing and platforms with app store experience. But honestly, what I liked the most are the questions that were raised there, like: How to measure impact where impact is created through IoT? Is there a funding gap, truly?

Q: What did you like most?

L: Well, it was this pitch from Future Technologies AG which I resonated the most and it tackled the different aspects and approaches when it comes to traditional banks vs neobanks.  There were many more exciting ideas and start-ups looking to grow or validate their business model, inspiring stories about like blockchain analytics, intelligent platforms, ML based strategies for investments or business enablement solutions for financial institutions. It was such an incredible energy and creative direction given to the whole event, that I only hope I will attend again in the future.

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