mindit Swiss celebrates its 1-Year Anniversary!
January 12, 2023
Vlad Teodorescu Birla

Today marks the 1-Year Anniversary of mindit Swiss, mindit.io’s Switzerland branch launched on January 12, 2022, and we couldn’t be happier seeing that our kind community keeps growing bigger and better by the day.

mindit Swiss works with dedicated teams, offering custom software solutions catered to your company’s needs. We activate with both a local presence in Switzerland and the entire DACH area, and with international support from our specialized teams located in Romania, and worldwide.

More than 250 IT specialists are now part of the mindit.io team, and our mission is to continue being the partner of choice for our people, our customers, and our community.

Being such a festive day for mindit.io people worldwide, we asked Andrei Antonescu, Bogdan Lemnaru, and Daniel Craciun, who are three of our colleagues from mindit Swiss, to share their experiences about working and living in Switzerland.  

How's life in Switzerland as opposed to Romania?

“After 1 year of living and working in Switzerland, I can say that life is a lot quieter here, and you don’t have to deal with all the traffic I used to deal with in Bucharest.

The food is very tasty. The country is extremely beautiful and you have a lot to visit. There’s something to see everywhere you look. In terms of getting around, you can do just fine speaking English, but learning German certainly helps a lot more,” says Andrei.

“People mind their own business here, and although they have stricter laws, or at least that’s how it seems, as long as everybody follows the rules, everyone will have a lot more to gain.

When it comes to dealing with local authorities, all your questions are easily answered so you can get everything done fairly easily,” mentioned Bogdan.

“I’ve been here for just a couple of months and I can easily say that you can find a lot of useful info about moving and living in Switzerland by doing your own research beforehand, but having colleagues like Andrei and Bogdan, certainly helps a lot.

Their train system is extremely reliable and it’s a pleasure to travel around and admire the scenery. I really recommend Switzerland to anyone who is thinking about traveling, living, or working here,” added Daniel, the newest member of the mindit Swiss team.  

What's different about working in Switzerland? What do you like the most?

“What I really like about Switzerland is the diversity I found here. We have colleagues from a lot of different countries and everybody gets along just fine and you get to experience a cultural mix hands-on.  Working in such a diverse environment is really fun and everybody is very friendly, warm, and helpful.  

We have a lot of after-work get-togethers, and we enjoy spending time with our colleagues even outside office hours. We even celebrate each other’s national holidays and get to learn even more about different cultures,” says Andrei.

“Being new here, I immediately felt welcomed, and everybody helped out whenever I had any questions, be it work-related, or about any other things I needed more info,” Daniel continued.  

“I love the fact that everybody sticks to the working hours. Everybody has a life after work and everybody respects breaks, working hours, and free time,” is what Bogdan enjoys about the working environment at mindit Swiss.  

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about joining mindit Swiss?

“Look for a lot of information about the cantons. Look into their local holidays and have as many legal papers on you as possible. If you can also translate your papers into German, in advance, that could also help a lot,” is the advice Daniel would give to anyone thinking about moving to Switzerland for work.  

“Based on the canton you move to, taxes differ, and you should take this into account so you can know what to expect in terms of salary and expenses. Also, living in small villages near bigger cities can help you a lot in terms of rent costs, and since their trains work like a Swiss clock (pun intended!), you’ll have no problem with your daily commute,” Bogdan advised.  

“Bring a lot of medicine from home, because if you’re sick, it’s a lot harder to get the pills you need as opposed to how I was used to back in Romania. Whenever I catch a cold, I’m pretty much stacked with medicine and pills I have from home,” Andrei concluded.  

Andrei Antonescu

Andrei, Bogdan, and Daniel recommend being open to new experiences, as the Swiss team is made up of people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. They also recommend being proactive in seeking out new opportunities and learning as much as possible from the experienced professionals on the team.

Anyone considering making the move to mindit Swiss can expect to work in a supportive and collaborative environment with talented colleagues and enjoy a healthy work–life balance.

If you’re interested in joining the mindit.io or the mindit Swiss teams, have a look over our OPEN ROLES right here, or drop us a line, anytime.  

Happy 1-Year Anniversary mindit Swiss, and here’s to many more!

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