minditNomad: how we make travel an inherent part of our working culture
December 2, 2021
Roxana Staneiu
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People travel for various reasons: exploring the unknown, experiencing new cultures, facing unspoken fears, discovering the wilderness of trying new things, having fun, and enjoying life through different lenses. If our life is a journey, then travel is the wind beneath our wings.

minditNomad has come to light from a dream we had: to offer our people the freedom to work not only from anywhere but from places where mindit.io energy and culture dwell.

We put people first, and we constantly design and create new particular contexts to enrich the working culture we build together.

Do you want to work from a beach while enjoying a fresh cocktail? Please send us a pic.

Wanna have a hiking break between a couple of meetings in the mountains? We’ve got your back.

Are you feeling a bit under the weather from working from your home office? No worries, pack your bag and escape for a few days in one of the minditNomad locations.

minditHomes are the minditNomad’s heart.

We slowly started shaping minditNomad at the seaside, where we found a house that made it feel like home.

This is the leitmotif of minditNomad: the homey feeling you get when you first step inside any house, be it in Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj, Comarninc, Sibiu, or Iasi.

The houses are arranged to have designated co-working spaces and sleeping rooms that naturally blend without disturbing interferences—having a call from the fireplace then spending the afternoon with the team? Consider it done.

You may wonder how it works or what's the trick. There is none, actually!

Our people have unlimited free access to minditHomes based on a booking calendar we all use.

Do you feel like spending a few days in Comarnic with your friends or family? Say no more; book out the rooms and brace yourself for a ZEN experience in the middle of nature while taking calls from the hammock.

Curious to experience Transylvanian vibes for a couple of days? The Cluj & Sibiu homes are waiting, with their “FAIN” (that’s how you say “cool” in Transylvania) vibes and beautiful people.

Do you wake up in the morning and tell yourself, 'I really miss the sea and the waves and the freedom that comes with it? Make the dream a reality as Constanta's house is only a few minutes away from the beach.

Do you find yourself scrolling over social media and seeing a crazily stunning picture of the Palace of Culture? Then Iasi is calling, and you can pick up the phone.

Got a fluffy friend? He’s more than welcome, as minditHomes are pet-friendly.

We encourage our people to be explorers in all aspects of their professional and personal lives. We are all part of a kind community that wants to experience work differently, enjoy the journey, and write down the mindit.io story together. From all over the country. From all over the world.

Kindness, adventure, diversity, uniqueness, freely traveling, exploration – this is the foundation of minditNomad. And on top of this, there are people. Because it’s always about people.  

If our life is a journey, then travel is the wind beneath our wings. Ready to fly?

Drop us a line right here if you want to be a part of the mindit.io team, or simply to say hello!

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