mindits Hack <2021>
March 13, 2021
Andra Sterescu
Our Teams

The legend says that a hackathon is like a second teambuilding.  Can you doubt that when we have so much fun every time?

In mindit.io, a hackathon is more than just an event. For us it’s about fulfilling your potential in a different context while exploring fresh ideas which may turn into something even bigger. It’s about trying out something you may not have the courage to do it otherwise, because you won’t be alone: you’ll have an entire team reaching for the same ideal.

Basically, it’s all about great people who share the same passion: CODING!

And of course, everyone is more than welcome, even if they are a developer or not. It’s a good opportunity to learn the basics of programming or how to make a business plan - the sky is the limit.

The best thing we can do with our skills — and to acquire new ones — is to create. And if we create things with and alongside others, we learn from them and they learn from us, which is, in the end, not only the goal of the hackathon, but also of our day to day lives.

Through mindits Hack we harvest ideas and knowledge to take our technology to the next level. Over the years real ideas derived from hackathon have helped deliver top-notch products and better customer experience.

This year we want something different, we want to make THAT impact trying to solve one of the world's problems: EDUCATION. Education in all its forms, be it financial, tech, crypto, school or even environment

This year is about our innovative ideas which we will transform them into reality with the help of technology.

Innovation is a vital component of progress across industries, and education is no different - The young minds molded by the education today will be those leading the charge for innovation tomorrow.

Coding, teamwork, awesome ideas, our desire to improve and some cups of coffee are just some of the things that will guide us for 24 hours to reach our event goal.

Our mindits Hack vibe? Code – Eat –Code - Have fun – Coffee – REPEAT!

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