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September 20, 2018
Our Teams

The summer of 2018 meant for, aside from adding valuable minds to our teams, reaching our strategic objective to grow our presence as employer to other cities of Romania.  You can now find offices in Galati and Constanta, where we managed to group great people who share our values and who will carry on culture in their region.

It is always a challenge to open a new office – we started with two at once so we counted on the attitude and commitment from our colleagues who managed all details – the results are awesome, just take a look at our gallery below.

Sharing the culture

To begin with, the decision to cross Bucharest borders was to connect directly with those wonderful engineers who prefer to stay in the comfort of their hometown and not the budget, as many might think. The remote work trends do their magic into bringing the compensation closer together in nominal figures. In addition to this, it was also to be able to boost the no rule policy we implemented this year, a great openness towards accommodating the flexibility an employee needs with business needs. We have rules, of course, but they are all decided together and at team level.
The cultural challenge is notable, we were a little scared at the beginning of the adventure and we are lucky to have found great homes to conserve the cozy, familiar look and feel. As soon as you enter any of our houses, you immediately know you are at The furniture, the message and character stickers, the plants and the colors all speak language. We consider all of them great allies in conserving our culture.

Working from the seaside

Furthermore, our great experience in opening the new offices brought a very appreciated effect for our colleagues – a great retreat option during the summer. We had lots of teams from Bucharest going to work on their projects from our Constanta office, being only 10 minutes away from the beach. In the morning some would go running on the beach just to come back after the working day is over for some refreshing swimming.

Just a few impressions from those who enjoyed the accommodation option available in our Constanta office:

“It was like a summer camp, or better said a training camp since we still had to work. I really liked it!”

“I love Constanta office for being a quiet place to work from, just 10 minutes away from the beach hustle and bustle”.

Adding new minds

The new offices also meant boosting our skills expertise, bringing to our home a PM guru and skilled people in Java, Android, Angular JS and SQL. All new colleagues are working in mixed teams with their colleagues in Bucharest and they hardly feel the distance. The conferencing technology sometimes puts us to challenge, but nothing we cannot handle.

Our long term plans are to create autonomous engineers with can-do attitude and great skills in the technologies we focused our company, so stay tuned on the news with our job openings.

You can find us in Galati on 18 Aleea Trandafirilor Street.

You can find us in Constanta on 28 Timisanei Street.

See you there!

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