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September 15, 2017
Catalina Postolache
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“The project “Home with us” has already gathered a community among interior design lovers and we are glad that now we have the opportunity to enter in the most diverse houses and offices.

Recently, we’ve been invited at Mindit, an IT company that maintains the startup atmosphere. Curious by nature and eager for adventure, we took our camera in the luggage and we arrived at Mindit, in a comfortable office, decorated completely by the team members.

The one who told us the story behind the offices placed in two bright and colorful houses in the center of Bucharest was Catalina Postolache, IT Recruiter.

Before sharing with us the story of your office, tell us a few words about Mindit.

Mindit started 3 years ago from the desire to add value to our clients through quality software projects, and offering outsourcing services. We are a bunch of enthusiastic and curious people who always want to try new technologies and work in a creative environment.

What were the main criteria you had in mind when you started to look for the office and how the searching process went on?

We began searching in 2016, starting from the idea that our vision fits best with a cozy house, an open space, in a central zone, possible with a small backyard. We searched inside the company, without the help of an agency, but in the process we started to receive phone calls from agencies willing to help us. We found fast what we wanted because the second place we visited was the last one. We were impressed by the central location (Intrarea Ion Luca Caragiale, Bucharest), the bright spaces and the countless possibilities we had for decorating the place. After a while, we needed more space so we acquired one more house across the street in order to stay close to each other. We prefer not to outsource too much, we are like a family and we want to stay this way no matter how much we’ve grown.

How big is the Mindit family and the surface of your home?

Our team consists in 57 colleagues and the two houses that compose our home are 430 and 300 square meters.

How long did it take to decorate and arrange the place?

We planned the decoration for three weeks and we arranged it in one week. It was an exciting time because we were seeing how the house was turning into a home.

Depending on what you’ve planned and divided the space?

The office is inspired by our values:

Creativity: each corner gives you a boost of ideas. The moments in which we play ping-pong, paint or sing at the guitar and piano give us the best insights.

Team: we like to work together and share ideas on our terraces. Besides open spaces, we have rooms that urge us to brainstorming and other activities.

Professionalism: the office is equipped with everything we need to have excellent outcomes.

And as a bonus, we have a welcoming kitchen in which we can find something good everyday.

What recommendations do you have for other companies that are looking for an office?

To choose a place inspired by the organizational culture they want to built.”

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