Show your colors
July 20, 2021
Maria Tudor
Our Teams

It’s July and we celebrate Pride Month. No, it’s not a typo.

Although June is internationally known as Pride Month, we should all be proud and supportive all through the year, not only in June.

Being proud is all about love; about caring. No matter the reason behind your pride, it all comes down to you loving yourself; to you caring about your colors, tones and nuances.

Being proud is not a once-a-year type of feeling. Being proud should not be a once-a-year type of feeling. Showing our colors is not a choice, but a given, a must.

Being proud is not always a feeling from you to you. Pride can travel faster than the speed of light and immensely impact families, groups, organizations and cultures. Just imagine, let your mind fly free and imagine your context being proud of you and you being proud of everyone there, just because. That is exactly how freedom tastes.

In a world where words like pride, diversity, tolerance, openness, together, freedom, love are strongly linked to once-a-year marketing campaigns - how do you take them and write a story that changes lives?

Because this is what words are doing, isn’t it? Put together they transform themselves into action and become stories.

You care. That’s the answer. You continuously care. You take care and make it your mantra.

You care about diversity. You care about children. You care about injustice. You care about freedom. You care about fairness. You care. You care. You care.

And when you continuously care - then we care. And when we care - the world is changing.

Coming out is not a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You keep on coming out every time you meet someone new, every time you change your job, every time you have to mention your sexual orientation.

You keep on coming out to you when looking in the mirror; when you are looking at yourself and try to makes sense of everything. When you are looking in the mirror and try to gather the courage to come out to other people.

And then, one very lucky day, you stop coming out to yourself and you start caring about yourself. And then you start being proud of yourself. The coming out to the others won’t stop, but it won't feel as coming out anymore, but as showing your colors.

Coming out can become an art show with millions and millions of different paintings when people start caring.

All of these words are my story; my story impacted by me joining one year and a half ago, a moment in my journey when I still used to look in the mirror and come out. I found here care and a place for me to exhibit my painting. And I did it. And after a did it - I started building places for other people to exhibit their paintings. I cared. I care.

Shine your colors! All of them. Be proud of them!

Take your painting and show it to the world!

Care and start transforming your organization, your group of friends, your context in an art show.

It’s July and we celebrate Pride Month.

Let’s start making Pride Month a life mantra. Let’s start caring.

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