Standup meetings using Zoom or by the pool in sunny Cyprus? 
June 23, 2022
Vlad Teodorescu Bîrlă

minditNomad is all about working from anywhere around the world or from one of our mindit homes, located in Constanta, Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Sibiu, or Comarnic. There are no limits... only our imagination and prioritization. 

This time, we decided to take minditNomad to the next level! We “shipped” a whole team off to sunny Cyprus so they could work their magic from the beach, by the pool, or even while they’re scuba-diving.  

This is how it happened. 

The team organized their entire schedule by themselves, making it a unique team building + working experience for everybody.  

“It’s all about the value you generate, not about working 8 hours per day. We want to inspire our colleagues, children, and future colleagues through what we can achieve while proving that it is possible to work from A-NY-WHERE! And that’s how minditNomad and all of our remote work ideas were born. The flavor of working with people is not lost... Sure, we love the zoom world, but we realized we missed the feeling of having people around us.” Anamaria Bumbar,’s COO, added. 

So... the team arrived in Larnaca, Cyprus. Being a fully independent team, they could work from anywhere, on their own schedule. They oversaw the entire development and refinement activity. Since everyone in charge of tasks was already there, you could say they didn’t even need an Internet connection to get the job done.  

As Tudor Grigoriu, Team Lead at mindit, said, “this perfect blend of working and enjoying a sunny destination with your colleagues is mostly possible if the team is self-sufficient, without having to work with a lot of other external members. That way, you get the most out of your work and your team-building activities.”   

What happens in Cyprus stays in… 

Well, it actually stays online, right on our blog.  

Standup meeting around the billiard table? CHECK! 

Mixing minditNomad with team-building activities is extremely fun, especially if everyone has a work hard, play harder mentality. 

Working from the pool and having some fun? DOUBLE-CHECK! 

They experimented with a lot of water sports, cooked, and ate together, and had daily meetings at the pool, around the pool table, or even in the dining room, based on how hot it was outside.  

The team, or The Avengers, as they like to call themselves, rented a van and managed to explore the beautiful island of Cyprus. Cliff diving from Cape Greco is not something you do every day after you finish your work, and the team couldn’t say no to such an exciting challenge. 

Scuba-diving? You bet! They explored the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea and even stumbled upon some ancient statues. Too bad they didn’t take pictures there. They focused on exploring rather than immortalizing a moment and creating future bragging rights.  

Our “Avengers” were already a very close team, going karting together with each given opportunity or planning to meet at the office whenever someone decides to work from mindit’s headquarters. Still, this mix of minditNomad and team-building activities have brought them even closer together.  

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