The Importance of Organizational Culture for Business Results: What's Next?
March 15, 2023
Ana Krasovschi

It is not that long ago, one decade or so, that companies started to acknowledge that Organizational Culture matters for driving full potential business results.   

“Culture” was the ever-growing buzzword when talking about how to attract and retain real Talent.  And real Talent, irrespective of the economic fluctuations we have witnessed from 2008 until the present, has always been available in small supply.  

Since that inception point, when Culture began to matter, it has been a long transformation journey from Human Resources to People Operations, from employees to associates, and many more in between.   

Far too many companies have struggled to drive change, instill fresh views around the ways of working and change leadership mindset to be able to produce the shift in the “people and culture do matter” direction.  Far too many companies had to unlearn the ways of “command & control” and learn to operate in various forms of more evolutionary organizational design.   

As shown throughout all the initiatives we organize, support, and join, both internally and externally, was visionary enough to have started to put people first in the very early stages of the start-up phase, back in 2016.  Once the “people matter” seed was planted, all the other amazing things we are doing for our people have become living examples of our identity. They’re part of our DNA. No doubt about it.    

For us, the people at, there is no other way of being “a kind community shaping global software & product engineering” other than the one we are committed to living by.  Each and every one of us genuinely believes that a value of paramount importance lies in our people.  Once you have this figured out the rest is a blooming consequence.  

Our People identity is a living organism and building the Culture is something we never intend to label as a “closed project”.   

The next three to five years unfold in front of us the challenge to scale the company at a rapid pace while keeping our healthy cultural roots.  The Culture will not and shouldn’t remain untouched; thus, we avoid saying that we want to maintain what we currently have.   

Our perspective is rather one in which we state that our ambition is around nurturing an ever-evolving culture having strong values as a foundation.   

Once the foundation is solid, we want to remain constantly curious about how all the people forming our kind community will imprint and shape the People identity.     

We have many characteristics of what was defined as a “teal organization” (“Reinventing Organizations”, Frederic Laloux).  

We work in a “flat” paradigm characterized by self-organization with a structure consisting of small teams that take responsibility for their own work.  Our entire team, as well as Teal organizations, is characterized by rapid change and adaptation, as adjustments are continuously made to better serve the organization's purpose.  

The harvest we wish to reap in the years to come is to reach the milestone of 1000 people in 2025 while minding and caring for each other and for our continuous growth as individuals and communities.   

In our deeply engrained way of being, that goal can only be reached by enjoying the journey, and having fun together while staying focused on doing serious things in the most professional way.     

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