Undefined becomes a well-defined team!
March 24, 2021
Andrada Covaci
Our Teams

The Hackathon of 2021 was a fantastic journey from so many different perspectives!

Let's start with the beginning.

It's not a secret that our life has changed in the past year, that decisions are harder to take now, that social interaction is less and less common, and even planning your holiday is something that takes a lot of energy to do.

The difference is made by the way you choose to look at all these changes. mindit.io was always focused on people, experiences, and learning, so we did it! We organized an online Hackathon with 7 teams, and we hardly chose between themes: Education, Software for Humanity, Crypto, and Make a game were some of the top suggestions.

In the end, one of our favorite topics won: Education!

In my opinion, this is one of the most inspiring topics. Because I also embraced "Software for Humanity" - Alex's idea of building an app that helps children develop themselves sounded great!

Started as a joke, "Undefined" became our official name, and it turned out that our team was actually defined by inspiration, perseverance, and teamwork.

The reason behind

In this modern world where everything should be fast and where it seems that we have less and less time, kids are more challenged than before.

- What happens when teachers, who should be there for their students, have less energy and interest in helping them grow?

- What happens when the parents are working so much that they don't have time to deal with their kid's curiosity? Or maybe they don't have the know-how to answer their questions? Or not enough money to support tutoring?

For too many children, accessing quality education is an everyday challenge due to poverty, discrimination, or lack of support from parents and the community.

Therefore we decided to build an app for middle school and high school students meant to be real support for them in their development path. Our project had a strong business case based on facts and studies that fully sustain the need to have extra help for these kids.

The technical jazz

Well, this is the fun part! The Undefined team chooses to use a stack not so familiar to them based on Blockchain technologies. So here it is!

Behind the scenes were 6 enthusiastic team members who were eager to develop their skills:

  • Alex aka Commander in chief - senior Fullstack developer, came with the idea and brought us together.
  • George - The Team leader and Backend developer who made the tech journey easier for all of us.
  • Diana & Claudiu - both QA Engineers in real life and Junior backend developers in this journey.
  • Andrei - a junior Frontend developer who did a great job and exceeded his limits.
  • And Me - trying to put it all together in a lovely presentation based on a solid business case and good mood.

However, we drank, laughed, and we code together (except me… ofc, I was too busy pinging my colleagues for virtual photos in order to build that lovely presentation I was talking about).

If you are curious about the tech inspiration that we had, take a look here, it might help you:

Learning, Team, New, "super-mega fun"… are just a few key words that define this experience.

The main gain is that we worked together, tried something new, and became a better version of ourselves!

So don't stop learning, don't stop challenging yourself, nor trying to avoid getting out of your comfort zone! This is how we develop the most, and nor the pandemic or any other circumstances should interfere with our desire to do more followed by actions, of course!

This is how we won 2nd place, and we are very proud of this! Thank you!

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