We mind each other!
October 19, 2021
Eliza Ancuta
Our Teams

“We mind each other” is more than just a phrase we use; it’s a core part of our culture, and it’s the way we do things around here.

We, mindit people, almost 200 of us, living in various cities, of all ages, having different passions, are all sharing the same values - one of the most important being “We mind each other”. Just like any big family, helping each other out and taking care of one another is what we do best.  

We may face all kinds of challenges, such as:

  • Professional challenges

We have juniors, interns, colleagues who change their role or colleagues that need help in their working processes. We value helping each other, we even have a buddy system in place to give newcomers all the necessary support to integrate within the company. We have trainings, workshops, we encourage lifelong learning, and we really believe in “We grow together.”

It’s not about the benefits we received or the money we made, but about the amazing initiatives we have, such as “Thank you” – an opportunity to thank someone for all the help and support received from them, the “Extra mile” – an opportunity to acknowledge our colleagues who went extra mile. These are initiatives where feedback is especially important and proves that we truly are putting people first.

  • Personal challenges

In life, we all face obstacles, difficulties, and we all have ups and downs, but here in mindit we support each other and find ways to overcome our downs. We encourage sharing and asking for help but also taking vacation days to rest and come back feeling refreshed.

  • Health challenges

The pandemic has been a challenge for the past almost 2 years and unfortunately, it still is. Our health is most important, and we do everything possible so that everybody is safe and healthy. We took safety measures in our offices, and not only did we make working from home possible, but we ensured that everybody has a comfortable working space. We also opened many "Nomad” offices for mindit people to work and relax from on the seaside, from the mountains or from cool cities like Cluj.  

Many of us are working from home these days and perhaps socialize less than usual. Because our mental health is particularly important, we encourage working from the office not for business reasons, but for social reasons and to facilitate interaction with our colleagues. Working from the office is not mandated and we have the freedom to choose what is best for ourselves.

… but no matter what challenges we face, we always find a way.

Not only do we have PMs dedicated to their teams, but we also have a team dedicated for support in all areas. Whether we’re talking about nomad booking, or if someone needs a document, a cable, a chair, or information, we try to be flexible and responsive according to everyone's needs.

For me it is like a gift to be at the center of organizing many of the above, an opportunity to be there for those that can use my support. Sometimes the requests are more complex than others but the why behind is the same - help your colleague be the best version of themselves, bring joy upon their face and just care about each other.

So, let’s keep using this sentence because “We mind each other” makes us better, makes us stronger!

There’s no “mind each other” without “We grow together!” on all levels, but especially professionally.

Don’t believe us?  

A webinar held by our colleague Bogdan Ghinet is coming up. Join us!

It’s all about platform Integration through Tibco BusinessWorks 6

As technology advances, the financial industry is also changing at a fast pace.  

Gaining or keeping a competitive edge in the current in a rapidly changing market requires new business initiatives supported by fast deployment of new technologies. Using Tibco BusinessWorks 6 as an integration solution we could easily use the out-of-the-box functionalities that implement the required service security concerns.  ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 6 meets all needs. Building on the attributes that made it the enterprise integration leader (improved ease of use, easy connectivity, and enterprise readiness), version 6 adds simplicity of design, developer ease, and open APIs)  

If you want to know Tibco with all its strengths see in a demo Tibco in action, then this webinar is for you.  


Tibco BusinessWorks 6 presentation with Bogdan Ghinet  

Tibco BusinessWorks 6 integration use case demo with Bogdan Ghinet (15 min)  

Q&A session  

What Tibco Business Works 6 is an important tool in banking industry?  

How can Tibco help you with the implementation of required service security?  

What makes Tibco Business Works 6 the enterprise integration leader?  

We hope we made you curious to get to know us better! See you on October 28th

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