Business Continuous Efficiency – A simple application that streamlines courier services
September 22, 2020
Ioan Anton

Today's world is very fast and competitive. To be successful in this competitive world, we need to be aware of the computer and the information related to the business in question, because the computer and the information play a very important role. The right information available in the right place makes the decision-making process efficient. Therefore, identifying the current and future business requirement becomes a basic need of any flexible information system.

For example, let’s take a firm based on delivery services. The courier management system is a software that is used to manage the work related to courier services in an efficient and effective way. Basically, it stores information about the customer and his material, which must be sent by courier. Today, the operation of courier companies is a vital component of modern trade. As we can see, in recent years online commerce has significantly changed the way consumers buy, and based on this context, courier services have developed and become more and more advanced. Customers are becoming more and more aware of the quality of products and services and are expected to deliver these requirements from suppliers. The logistics flow is present in almost every enterprise. The customer wants the desired product to be delivered to the right place, in the expected amount of time and the quantity he requested.

The significant function of most courier services is very similar. Its core is based on the organization of the logistics process, in a way that can allow shipping from anywhere and delivery needs be made to any destination. In practice, this means that neither the sender nor the receiver has to travel for the exchange of goods.

In Romania, according to a study conducted by KeysFin, in the hierarchy of postal and courier service operators, Romanian Post is the main player, being a company owned by the Romanian state through the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communication (93.5%) and Property Fond (6.5 %).

In the private segment, Fan Courier Express SRL, is the courier leader, with 24.4% of the total market share of private companies in the courier field in Romania. The podium is completed by Urgent Cargus SRL (19% of the total), TNT Romania SRL (17.5% of the total) and DHL International Romania SRL (16.7% of the total) , Curiero SA (13.5%of the total), Pegasus Courier SRL (5.7% of the total).

Whether the courier company is large or small, managing staff can be a complicated task, as several factors need to be considered in order to provide customers with the best possible service. It is essential to transform the courier business to keep up with the competition, to improve the profitability of the business, and the answer to these challenges is a simple to use and cost-effective technological solution.

Courier management software is a web-based system that allows logistics managers to automate all tasks that would otherwise be done manually. Human error is inevitable; however, digital software ensures greater accuracy in operations, provides valuable data on the entire shipping process, allowing you to improve your entire supply chain management.

Because in any business, the main focus is to increase the profit with minimum cost, without affecting the quality of the service, I discovered that the main cost for a courier company is represented by the cost of transport. As a part of my bachelor's thesis, I developed an application that implements Google API and calculates the most rapid route (taking in consideration the distance) that a courier needs to follow in order to pick up or deliver the goods to the clients.

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