Cloud adoption – What are the most significant advantages of cloud computing?
August 23, 2022
Alexandru Voinea


Cloud computing is on an ascending path offering different services over the Internet, such as hosting and delivering. Its reputation and popularity have grown because this technology removes the need to plan ahead for the whole infrastructure.

It allows enterprises to start with few resources and increase the amount when needed. So, it is recognized for its power to enable clients to scale their resources up or down. However, people are still reserved about the power of cloud computing because it still has some issues that companies are working to improve.

Benefits of cloud computing

The main benefit is that the cloud reduces the costs of entry into the market for small businesses. Also, it offers a huge opportunity to evolve for many companies and countries where the IT evolution has not overtaken all the industries and sectors just yet.

The access to hardware resources is very fast with no additional costs for users. Moreover, the cloud is an adaptive infrastructure that can be used differently by different end users. So, the users are entirely separated from each other, and the flexibility of the infrastructure grants an excellent load balancing when more users connect to the system.

In the case of enterprises, cloud computing helps quite a lot for scaling services. In addition, as the resources of cloud computing are managed through software, they can be deployed very fast when there are new requirements.

As shown in the image below, cloud technology has begun to feel its presence in some sensitive areas. So, a hybrid cloud is usually chosen in the banking area because it offers better secure data storage. For example, banks can move sensitive information to the private cloud. At the same time, the other can be kept in the public cloud for easy access.

There are also some issues in the environment of Cloud Computing:

The main issue is security when it comes to data confidentiality, privacy, and integrity. So, the security of this technology is not guaranteed because the information is external to the organization's firewall on the service provider's locations. Moreover, this area should take serious actions to protect against unauthorized users who try to illegally access the applications, software, and hardware.

Another challenge that companies have taken part in is regarding the implementation. This process is often considered not too easy because companies can't figure out which information and data should be migrated to the cloud, and which must be on the old system.

Also, there is a problem integrating the old services and applications with cloud services and applications.


Cloud computing is one of the most advanced digital-related technologies with many benefits, but also some issues.

So, from my point of view, before adopting the cloud, a very solid impact analysis of this technology must be conducted to determine how products some customers want to provide through the cloud will be affected. All advantages and disadvantages should be balanced, and a decision should be taken. can help your business with the entire cloud adoption process. If you're interested in finding out what we can do for you, drop us a line and let's chat!

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