Fintech in 2022: Statistics, Trends and Facts You Should Know
July 28, 2022
Vlad Teodorescu Birla

The annual growth rate for the global financial technology industry is approximately 25%. This makes it one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide, and based on the latest estimates, the fintech sector will be valued at $310 billion by the end of 2022.

All the numbers and recent projections indicate that the fintech industry will continue on a positive trend, making it an exciting activity to explore.

Fintech - by the numbers

  • Stripe is currently the largest US fintech company

Today, the company is valued at $35 billion.

  • Ant Group is the largest fintech business globally

At the moment, the business is worth $131 billion.

  • $50 billion in annual investments is the amount received by the fintech sector

This makes fintech one of the most exciting industries to be a part of in 2022 and the next few years.

  • Every 2 out of 3 financial transactions are made online today

The world is rapidly switching from traditional banking and payment methods to fintech startups, tools, and apps.

How can help your business with cutting-edge fintech solutions?

Our IT specialists have vast experience in the fintech sector, providing custom software solutions to partners worldwide. implemented a Robo Advisor solution for one of our baking and fintech partners, who developed an investment algorithm allowing customers to place investments according to their choice of investment topics.

Let's take, for example, a customer who is looking for investment opportunities on our partner's platform. Through Robo Advisor, our partner's customers can now invest in precious metals, renewable energy, emerging technologies, or businesses worldwide.

Our role in the project

The project consists of a suite of platforms for public use to allow potential customers to accomplish all the pre-requirements for opening an investment account with our partner or one of the other financial institutions enrolled in the B2B partnership.

Users are provided information regarding each topic; potential gains or risks are provided here. Using these choices, the investment algorithm performs operations to maximize the customer's growth while allowing them to fund the domains they feel inclined towards.

The entire architecture must be scalable to allow parallel development and deployment, often for multiple partners simultaneously. The project is based on microservices and cloud-hosted, allowing fast and agile development cycles, easy deployment, and minimized downtime.

Our team faced the challenge of expanding the platform's capability, which now includes a mobile application, a back-office tool, and an alternative solution for onboarding customers addressed to bank representatives, who guide new customers through the process while using the platform. Every piece of this suite was built from the ground up with white-labeling as a core feature, each ready to be customized to the partner's specific needs and requirements. managed to expand the reach and number of customers, improve processes, and increase confidence in the product and its capabilities. Like our objectives, abilities, and goals, this platform has grown significantly throughout the years.

As a result of our long-term partnership and advanced product knowledge, we ensure flexibility by adapting and implementing the requests faster for end-users whenever needed.

If you're interested in reading more about Robo Advisor and our work in the fintech sector, click here for the entire CASE STUDY, or drop us a line!

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