How to build enterprise applications that give you complete control over the go-to-market flow
August 2, 2022
Vlad Teodorescu Birla

The global retail industry is one of the biggest and most profitable sectors of activity today. The numbers generated by retailers annually surpass trillions of US dollars. That’s why all the key players in this industry focus on gaining a higher market share, a larger piece of the pie.

Before we dive into how can help you build enterprise applications that will give you complete control over your go-to-market flow, let’s look at some of the most interesting retail statistics for 2022 and beyond.

Retail Statistics 2022

• 50% of all brands have declared that merging online and in-store operations and data will be their biggest challenge in 2023

• 53% of brands have started investing in tools that will give them the possibility to sell anywhere

• 1 out of every 3 brands is currently prioritizing omnichannel order fulfillment

• 46% of retailers worldwide are planning to increase investments in digital channels: company-owned online stores, custom mobile apps, social commerce, and livestream selling over the next year

• 43% of retailers want to focus on showing clients the available inventory in nearby stores to boost sales’s expertise in building enterprise applications to improve your go-to-market flow

Our partner is a publicly listed global travel retailer, currently operating over 2200 shops worldwide and managing 1000 suppliers. The brand currently employs over 25000 people internationally.

With the goal of becoming the global leader in travel retail, our partner discovered the need to design enterprise applications that offered control over all the significant aspects of their go-to-market-flow.

Acquisition >> Dispatching >> Applying Corporate Pricing >> Promotion Strategies >> Selling.’s experience and expertise in this field have proven to be the perfect match, and our partners selected us to develop their retail apps.

The apps we built focused on covering all the areas of the go-to-market flow, as follows:

  • Advertising and Promotions Management

The app is used to define, manage and plan global commercial deals.  

  • Price Analysis and Price Policy Management

This is an excellent tool for performing price analysis and defining price policies by using insightful information such as sales data, cost data, distribution data, current price data, and competitor information.  

  • Global Purchase Order Management

This logistics platform for global back-office replenishment is meant to support an optimal purchase order generation process by managing the logistics parameters.  

You can read the full story about how we managed to help our partners build enterprise applications that allow them to have complete control over their go-to-market flow right here.

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