IBM ACE- Enterprise Integration with User Experience in Mind
November 17, 2021
Cezar Ginta

In the previous article about IBM ACE, we looked at ACE and why it is an essential asset to any enterprise; if you missed it, click here to read it. Today's article will focus on why enterprise integration through App Connect Enterprise brings a lot of value when done correctly and positively transforming the User Experience.

Data that moves within your firm, to and from consumers and partners, might be precious. Many businesses, however, have difficulty accessing and transforming this data into useful information. They also have difficulty keeping up with the continuously shifting needs for this data. Whether it's a new business partner who needs access to data in your ERP system, Finance who needs access to an HR application, customer data integration between your CRM and eCommerce platform, or a variety of other requirements, IT departments often struggle to set up and manage all of the connections.

The programs and their connections are stiff, necessitating costly, error-prone, and time-consuming hand-coding adjustments.

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How App Connect Enterprise can help you out

App-Connect Enterprise, an award-winning enterprise integration solution, can assist you in overcoming these challenges.  It enables you to simplify and manage connections across your IT assets, such as legacy applications, packaged apps, and Web services, as well as swiftly extract business-critical data from them. It gives you the ability to:

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User Experience in Mind

1. Users Demand a Flawless Experience

Users demand attractive UI and omnichannel experiences that work flawlessly across multiple platforms such as PCs, tablets, and phones while using an app, whether a customer-facing or internal app. They also demand each app to always be available, regardless of whether it's for fun or work.

2. Moving the experience on mobile devices and other platforms

The application does not limit End-Users; every user wants a similar interaction when utilizing the services on mobile or computer. IBM ACE can give end-users a memorable experience by making applications available on mobile devices.  End-Users can have functional access to products, information, processes, and services that they require in real-time with mobile applications. It also allows the company to send notifications about changes in products and services and new products and services.

3. Modernize the IT infrastructure to facilitate digital transformation

Exceptional products aren't always enough to overcome intense competition. A company should satisfy its consumers by making the purchase process as simple as possible to stand out. The process of digital transformation is never-ending. Like any other optimization process, moving to the digital arena necessitates constant development and current trends. Facilitating digital transformation is simple with the help of IBM ACE; the long-term benefit of the End-User is an adaptive infrastructure to current trends that can evolve without moving the platform or service to another ecosystem.

4. Better usability of features

Digital efficiency is a metric that assesses how quickly users can complete activities once they've grown accustomed to an interface's design. Consider how many keystrokes or clicks it takes a user to complete a task. Thanks to App Connect Enterprise's capability to connect new and old applications, users will benefit from the new integrations that can speed up processes and simplify app designs. Naturally, first-time users take longer to achieve their goals than repeat users. It would be best to consider this by making the user experience as plain and straightforward as possible. With a flexible integration tool, these tweaks can be achieved with ease.

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